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June/July 2017

Truck and Track



The St Albans based Giffen Group is a major UK railway

infrastructure contractor specialising in electrical engineering,

signallingandpower supplies andwithkey customers including

London Underground and Network Rail.

With its current IT limited in its ability to provide the business

critical intelligence and data-led insights required to operate its

vehicle fleet more efficiently, Giffen Group has invested in a range

of Ford commercial vehicles running Ford Telematics powered

by Telogis. This has given the company increased visibility on all

aspects of vehicle operations, and on the driving behaviour of field


Giffen Group’s existing IT system required enhancement to support

management in awareness and resultant decision-making around

driver behaviour and operating costs. MartinWinham, Commercial

Director of the Giffen Group, comments: “Our existing IT and

vehicle infrastructure had limitations in its ability to meet business

objectives, set against both safety and cost parameters.

“To help cut and control vehicle fleet costs in addition to promoting

safer driving practices, we needed to be able to forensicallymonitor

driving behaviour, mileage and vehicle health. Working with Ford

Telematics powered by Telogis has allowed us to do this and more,

helping us promote a safety-first culture across the business and

generate long-term operational cost savings.”

Following an audit and trial of available solutions, GiffenGroupwas


from Ford Telematics powered by Telogis, and commissioned the

installation of this system to its fleet of 36 vans, primarily stationed

at its central depot in St Albans.

Among the benefits, Ford Telematics powered by Telogis allows

Giffen Group to monitor vehicle health. It streamlines the fleet’s

servicing requirements with automated reminders about

necessary maintenance, based on the condition of the vehicle. In

practice this should result in lower preventive maintenance costs,

less downtime owing to breakdowns and improved warranty and

insurance premiums.

Another business objective was to reduce fuel costs by minimising

idle time and total mileage, while increasing the productivity,

efficiency and safety of its drivers on the road.

Then the Giffen Group has standards to meet in order to retain its

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) certification. Martin

Winhamdeclares: “Maintaining our FORS certification is important

to us and to our customers. So we wanted to ensure that we had

the right information at our disposal to meet these requirements,

and utilisation of the telematics system should prove most useful

in this regard.”

Ford Telematics powered by

Telogis chosen to enhance

safety & boost efficiencies

Continental Automotive presented their fleet management

solutions at Munich’s biennial Transport Logistic 2017

exhibition in May, having their own stand there for the first

time. They showcased VDO TIS-Web Motion, a simple and

inexpensive entry-level telematics solution for small and

medium-sized fleets. The new VDO TrailerLinc, a track-and-

trace solution, was also on show. TrailerLinc enables trucks and

trailers tobeclearly imagedonthesamesystem, incombination

with the premiumfleet management solution VDO FleetVisor.

Trucking companies can easily add the most important telematics

functions with the online data management system TIS-Web. It

not only handles the storage of vehicle and driver data, but also

boasts numerous other options in the field of track-and-trace,

including tyre pressure monitoring. VDO TIS-Web Motion also

transmits routes, positions and other vehicle data to the despatch


VDO FleetVisor is Continental’s premium fleet management

tool, featuring route and driver planning, vehicle deployment,

remote download, truck navigation and an overview of upcoming

maintenance. Trucking companies can also assist their drivers

with a 7in tablet which automatically displays the best route and

enables direct communication between the driver and his despatch

department via text messages.

The display actually takes the role of a driving coach, because

it gives the driver constant feedback about his driving style and

current fuel consumption and enables fleet managers to view the

individual consumption and reduce it. Drivers can also show their

drive and rest times on the display.

With the VDO TrailerLinc trailer service – a component of VDO

FleetVisor – trucking companies and fleet operators can see at a

glance exactly where their trailers are. The TrailerLinc hardware is

easily installed on the trailer by qualified personnel, after which it

regularly transmits GPS data to the fleet management software,

so that fleet managers always know where a trailer or swap trailer

is and to which vehicle the trailer is attached. Truck and trailer are

conveniently viewable on the same system.

Tracking the benefits of fleet management at

Transport Logistic 2017