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Truck and Track

June/July 2017



One of the biggest challenges faced by transport operators

is keeping track of every element of compliance, from vehicle

maintenance to drivers’ hours and penalty charge notices.

Juggling different systems and databases offers opportunity

for error, but an innovative, cloud-based solution offered by

Tachodisc can bridge the gap.

Vision is an unrivalled one-stop-shop for compliance created by

developers at Tachodisc’s parent company, the Freight Transport

Association (FTA). The software can manage numerous products

and services on a single platform viewed through user-friendly

dashboards. Vision is divided into three areas – driver, fleet and

organisation. It gives a complete overview of your operation and

allows for detailed compliance analysis across all areas.

Vision is constantly under development to ensure that it offers

cutting-edge technology with ease of use. It currently serves the

following FTA audit and training businesses:


Drivers’ hours and tachograph analysis – inspections and audits.


Vehicle inspections and defect sign-off statement.


FTA Audits.


Visibility of asset inspections done and planned inspections.


Dashboard analysis – results of fleet inspections and defects



Training: tracking Driver CPC – as well as other courses.


Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) tracking.


Driver licence checking.


Reporting across key areas of compliance indashboard, schedule

and self-service reporting.


Remote import of tachograph data.


Generic import of collision and safety inspection data.

Two of the key benefits of Vision are management of FTA’s Vehicle

Inspection Service (VIS) and tachograph analysis software. The VIS

function, exclusively available for those with FTA VIS contracts,

is accessed through a secure online portal and provides a clear

view of vehicle inspection reports. Intuitive, interactive reporting

functionality allows for quick and easy interrogation of reports

from a dashboard overview to the finer detail, enabling reports to

be accessed at the click of a button and making it easier to identify

potential issues with either the maintenance provider or driver

defect reporting.

Options also include the benchmarking of company results by

sector and national averages. In addition, trends and performance

can be highlighted in relation to depots, manufacturer, vehicle type,

model or driver, plus much more.

Vision’s tachograph analysis function is suitable for those operating

analogue, digital or mixed fleets. Vision provides a range of reports

from a high-level overview of the company to compliance by depot

and even to the daily detail of individual drivers. Starting with the

company overview on the realtime dashboard, the information can

then be broken down into numerous reports for even greater detail.

There are many key benefits of Vision for tachograph users:


Provides a range of new reports, saving the time spent on

manually producing them.


24/7 access allows for quick drilling down through reports to the

detail required.


Reduces the risk of infringements.


Quick and easy reporting pinpoints areas that require attention.


Identifies drivers who need further training.


Improves understanding of reports through online explanation,

support and tips.

Seeing is believing: Tachodisc Vision

will give you a better overview of

your business

Driver Calendar

Driver Training

Driving Style