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Truck and Track

June/July 2017



Caerphilly-based DS Smith Recycling, Europe’s largest paper

and board recycler and provider of waste management and

recycling services, has turned to MiX Telematics to further

improve the efficiency of its fleet.

While DS Smith was already operating to a high standard

because of its existing driver and vehicle monitoring programme,

its relationship with MiX Telematics has resulted in significant

additional benefits. These have been gained partly through the

introduction of MiX Telematics’ RIBAS system and partly as a result

of the dedicatedMiX Telematics consultancy service being supplied

to DS Smith.

The collaborationbetween the two organisations has so far resulted

in a 39% reduction in harsh acceleration events, a 57% reduction

in harsh braking events and a further overall fuel performance

improvement of 1.6%, building on the fuel returns already enjoyed

by DS Smith from in-house monitoring.

A total of 109 HGVs equipped with MiX Telematics’ Fleet Manager

solution are now operating out of DS Smith’s nine depots. A driver

scoring system based on RIBAS parameters has been developed

by MiX Telematics. Each week, drivers begin with a score of 100%,

which reduces if RIBAS parameters are exceeded.

The amount by which the score reduces is weighted according to

the severity of the event, and the system has been calibrated so

that a benchmark score of 95% or above represents “green band”

driving. Depot league tables have been introduced to encourage

healthy in-house competition between drivers, and to date five

depots have moved into the green zone.

Paul Wilson, Fleet and Service Provider Manager for DS Smith

Recycling, reports: “Since the project began, we have achieved a

significant increase in the amount of our depots reaching our 95%

target score. The uplift in performance since then has contributed

to our 1.6% fuel saving, while the reductions in harsh acceleration

and harsh braking events we have witnessed are undoubtedly

contributing to better road safety and reduced road risk.”

RIBAS is a dashboard-mounted display unit featuring an array of

green, amber and red status lights, reflecting current driving style

against set parameters. A green status light indicates that a vehicle

is being driven correctly.

But, should an amber warning be given and ignored and that

parameter exceeded, the infringement is recorded by MiX Fleet

Manager and the red light illuminates. The parameters under RIBAS

are: R for over Revving, I for excessive Idling, B for harsh Braking, A

for harsh Acceleration and S for over Speeding.

MiX Telematics’ RIBAS benefits no.1 paper & board recycler

Coventry-based transport software specialists TruTac have

entered the tracking and telematics market with their latest

innovation – TruLocation. TruLocation combines realtime GPS

vehicle tracking, remote tacho downloading, accurate maps,

geo-location, points of interest, harsh braking and excess

speed, all in one easy-to-use system.

The fully web-based system can be accessed from anywhere and

provides a 360° viewof vehicles, drivers, routes and compliance, 24

hours a day. TruLocation removes the need for drivers and vehicles

to return to base to embark on lengthy manual tacho downloads or

to log into multiple systems to track routes, analyse driving hours

or plan routes.

This innovative addition to the TruTac product suite provides

operators with true visibility – and tachograph analysis integration

as standard. Fleet efficiencies and productivity are optimised at

every level with one simple system.

Fully compliant with EU Drivers’ Hours and the Working Time

Directive, TruLocation highlights when drivers may require breaks

with regard to daily and weekly driving limits, giving planners

accurate data to plan routes for maximum utilisation.

TruLocation uses fully secure, encrypted data transfer withminute-

by-minute updates on vehicle position via easy-to-interpret

graphical displays and maps.

Key features such as geo-fencing and points of interest will trigger

automatic alerts when a unit passes into or out of a defined area,

for example when nearing congestion charging zones, or for timed

delivery slots, or when approaching docks so that a load reference

can be communicated via the system’s built-in driver messaging


This considerably reduces overtime, fines, penalties and other costs

that may be incurred.

TruLocation’s fully web-based reporting suite also improves fleet

performance monitoring. Users can instantly identify both the

driver and vehicle on any given shift via the tachograph and driver


The telemetry feature tracks and records speeding and aggressive

driving behaviour such as harsh braking, enabling operators to

decrease fuel consumption and highlight training needs.

With no hidden costs and competitive pricing, TruTac’s TruLocation

system can provide a cost-effective solution to achieving instant

tachograph analysis, accurate tracking and route planning, with

full compliance functionality as standard.

So to find out more, visit

New TruTac product combines

tracking, remote downloading

& tacho analysis