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Truck and Track

June/July 2017



Salford-based Kinishi are UK innovators and manufacturers

of advanced driver assistance systems, telematics and fleet

management solutions, and automotive electronic systems.

The company is a full service provider of flexible, tailored and

scalable remote monitoring solutions under its FleetSure

brand, while operating white label solutions for others.

At the CV Show Kinishi launched their FleetSure telematics

service, which tightly integrated track-and-trace, driver and crew

identification, two-way communication with remote tyre pressure

monitoring and remote temperature monitoring.

At the Show Kinishi shunned the “one-box” solution in favour of

releasing an all-new, modular, yet closely integrated, commercial

vehicle platform. It was fronted by a robust 7in in-cab touchscreen

display which provides a cohesive user-friendly interface that

not only handles all communications between driver and fleet

management office, but also seamlessly integrates vehicle and

trailer sensor data.

Options include Kinishi’s OEM, bodybuilder and aftermarket

technologies such as precision onboard weighing, remote

tyre pressure monitoring, 360° object detection radar, cargo

temperature monitoring and driver assistance systems – as

described below.

Multiple camera inputs enable cabs to be fitted with just one

display. Cameras can be automatically activated as required and be

integrated with radar and other sensor information.

Precision onboard weighing

Onboard scales take the guesswork out of loading. No more

overweight fines, fewer stops, less risk!

Precision onboard weighing has been developed by Kinishi in close

consultation with industry veterans at Doncaster-based Truck-tech

UK Ltd. Loadcells, pressure transducers and other analogue sensors

are all supported, as well as Truck-tech UK’s new digital sensor.

The FleetSure telematics service can monitor gross vehicle

weight and net payload weight – as well as recording loading and

unloading events with weight changes.

Remote tyre pressure monitoring

Each year 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tyre pressure.

Tyres with low air pressures skid and hydroplanemore easily, whilst

properly inflated tyres provide greater stability, handling and


The US Department of Transportation estimates that 5.4 million

gallons of fuel a day (over 2 billion a year) arewasted because of low

tyre pressure. Properly inflated tyres save fuel – as well as extending

the life of tyre treads by as much as 35%.

Pioneers Kinishi launched their first remote tyre pressure

monitoring system (TPMS) at the CV Show of 2008. The latest-

generation system launched at this year’s Show supports a range of

internal and external sensors capable of monitoring tyre pressures

up to 188psi and temperatures from -40°C to 125°C. Pairing

sensors is simple thanks to the touchscreen’s support for sensor

RFID, automatic detection and trailer TPMS sensors.

In addition to drivers, FleetSure enables operators to see tyre

pressures and tyre temperatures live and be immediately alerted to

issues. Fleet managers are advised of issues pre-emptively, before

vehicles have even started off and left the depot.

Integrated package of CV technologies

exclusively from Kinishi

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