Truck and Track Spring 2023

Truck and Track Spring 2023 38 PALLET NETWORKS United Pallet Network (UPN) launch “SmartSCORE” - its new Customer Experience Feedback Tool Taking its “Drive Service Quality” Initiative to the next level, leading UK Pallet Network UPN are pleased to announce the launch of UPN SmartSCORE which it believes is the first fully systemised online customer experience feedback tool to be introduced within the UK Pallet Network Sector. UPN SmartSCORE is a comprehensive online feedback tool that is now being used both centrally by UPN and locally by its member network to engage with customers and enable them to provide valuable feedback insights. “The impact of customer feedback on loyalty is particularly significant in our sector. Here at UPN we pride ourselves on provision of service excellence right across our network”, said UPN Managing Director – David Brown. “Our emphasis has always been on driving service quality. We are a network that is built on service not volume. We want to help our members and their customers to shout out loudly about the great service that Team UPN are providing. We want to help our members to build great reputations within their areas. We want to help them to shine online, to optimise their Google Rankings, and to optimise their SEO. UPN SmartSCORE will enable both UPN and all our members to actively engage with customers, to strengthen relationships, to boost retention, and to gain valuable testimonials.” Furthermore, by listening to feedback and implementing changes accordingly, we can further enhance the overall experience of the UPN Network, increasing customer loyalty, both for our members and for UPN as a whole.” Following our February trials, we launched UPN SmartSCORE to our membership in March and received an excellent response. It’s another valuable point of differentiation for UPN as we take our “Drive Service Quality” Initiative to the next level in 2023.” “At UPN, we understand the significance of customer feedback and its powerful impact on customer loyalty. We are committed