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A day in the life of a coach driver!

A Day In The Life of A Coach Driver!

With rules and regulations to adhere to, customers and bosses to keep happy the life of a Coach Driver isn’t always as straight forward as it could be !

UK, Birmingham, Tuesday 22nd November 2016. Shire’s Travel based at Norton Canes, in Staffordshire have been operating their travel company since 2000. Their drivers travel to many European destinations carrying UK holiday makers as well as local trips that include everything from the school run to group trips that require drivers to be in place ready to drive at the drop of a hat.  There isn’t a job that Shire’s won’t take on – flexibility is their mantra.

“As a Shire’s driver the day can include anything from a local trip to double manning a coach across to France so the routes are varied to say the least, commented Rob Garrington, I think that often the life of a Coach Driver offers the drivers many challenges along the way. 
With roads now busier due to increased traffic around the UK and Europe’s towns and cities, often the modern day coach driver has to factor in for potential delays, either through sheer volume of traffic or accidents. It isn’t only the passengers the driver has to consider, they also have to remain within their legal drivers hours under EU legislation. Clever planning and scheduling is an absolute must. 
With this increased pressure and to ensure the team stay in line with the letter of the law Garrington enlisted specialist assistance from the fleet consultant team at Continental to ensure that they had the correct level of training and the right tools for the job.

“It was one call to Continental that meant I had a Fleet Consultant come out meet me, they looked at the vehicles and the office and evaluated what was needed for us. Our decision was easy we purchased the VDO Wide Range DLD (remote tachograph downloading equipment) to avoid the hassle of downloading the vehicle and driver card data when out on the road, now we simply login, click a button and the data is there.  A simulator CD for training purposes means I can sit drivers down and train them in the office about the working of a tachograph and flag up any operator issues they may have there and then. One major issue, is ensuring Drivers take the correct length of breaks, using watches and clocks does not always match the accuracy of the Tachograph.
With this in mind, the ultimate product for a Driver a VDO SmartLink device, that allows tachograph data to be viewed on an app on the Driver’s phone, so when they are at the services and out the vehicle he/she can quickly review when driving time can start again”.

The range of Data Management products available at Continental is vast and cover all types of transport operations from coach and bus operators to HGV’s and LCV’s in this day and age Continental meet the demands of all operators keeping companies compliant, and assisting drivers with easy to use information when they are on the road.

If ever you are unsure about what you may need Continental will send a Fleet Consultant to visit you to confidentially review your operation to advise what tools you may need to enable you to stay legal and to assist any training requirements.

For further information about the VDO Data Management product range please visit the site link below: