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The CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation

The CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation

Providing awarding services across logistics, transport and supply chain operations

The CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation (CILT(UK) AO) offers awarding services across logistics, transport and supply chain operations including qualification development, assessment, certification and validation accreditation.

As part of CILT(UK), the Chartered membership body for those individuals and organisations involved in the movement of goods, people and their associated supply chain operations. 

The CILT(UK) AO is guided by the CILT(UK) Competency Framework which provides information on the required professional competencies in logistics, transport and global supply chain operations. 

We use the framework to structure our awarding services in both the development and delivery of both regulated and professionally recognised qualifications as well as when we accredit degrees and learning programmes.

The framework is the core which runs through all of our awarding services, aligning them to the professional institute and recognised standards.

Measuring Levels of Skill, Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge levels relate to both academic levels and vocational competence levels. The workplace application descriptors help to understand what level of competence a person needs based on the level of accountability required for a task or role. 

Seniority does not equate to advanced knowledge and experience in every task that a person oversees. For example, a senior manager in an organisation could have level 6 skills, knowledge and experience in core workplace competencies and level 3 in a number of technical areas, with enhanced awareness in others. 

Taking this further, a Warehouse Manager will not necessarily have insight into the technical specifics of every task carried out in an operation. They might be responsible for ensuring that all tasks are carried out correctly, and so need an awareness of how each task fits into the bigger picture, but they do not need to be experts in every one.

The framework shows three competency types: awareness, operational and strategic. 

Awareness is useful to increase knowledge of other departments or areas of the profession, and may help better operational decisions to be made. 

Operational covers the practical tasks and actions needed to deliver output. In this framework, each operational competency can relate to level 3 through to level 5 dependent on the level of accountability needed or the level of skills and experience held. 

Strategic focuses on research and strategic planning.

Degree and Programme Accreditation

CILT(UK) supports the development of degree programmes with an element of work placement/experience.

We have developed our degree accreditation scheme to recognise those undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that offer students the knowledge and practical skills most valued by employers.

CILT(UK) AO Accredited degrees align with the professional body's Competency Framework to ensure the relevance of the degree content with the professional sectors represented by CILT(UK). 

The purpose of our degree accreditation is: to support higher education institutes in developing graduates that can help the profession address the talent requirements of our profession.

We aim to help students make informed choices about what different courses are available, what is covered in them and the approach to learning, to help them with their future career prospects.

We encourage experience `in the field' and many of the programmes we accredit offer this element which is essential to gaining skills that are crucially important to employers seeking to recruit graduates. 

If you are a student looking for an accredited degree visit our website at

If you are a university and would like further information on how to get a programme accredited please send you enquiry to

Regulated Vocational Qualifications

The CILT(UK) AO has been a regulated awarding organisation since 2001 and the regulated qualification we offer meet the regulatory requirements for the design, delivery, assessment and award of units and qualifications.  

The CILT(UK) AO is currently regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England, Qualifications Wales, and The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) Regulation in Northern Ireland.

The CILT(UK) AO specialises in vocational qualifications for the logistics, transport and supply chain sectors covering our professional communities and their learning needs and our regulated qualification cover educational levels 1-6. 

The educational level of a qualification shows how it compares to other regulated qualifications that individuals can obtain. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for example, a Level 3 qualification would be comparable to an A Level achieved in education, usually at the age of 18, and Level 6 comparable to a Bachelor's degree. 

The regulated qualifications offered can be found on the Register of Regulated Qualifications on the Ofqual website

Institute Assessment 

CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation offer both paper based and online assessments. The online assessments are remote proctored meaning that Learners can sit in any location such as their own home or their work location in appropriate conditions. 

To find out more about the regulated qualifications CILT(UK) AO offer visit our website

When selecting a Learning Partner remember 

The structure of the course, the amount of support provided, the media used to deliver courses and the location of the course if face to face will vary and this will be reflected in the fees of each Learning Partner. 

We recommend that you contact a range of Learning Partners, visit their websites and read any guidance on the services they provide and discuss this with them so you can make a choice of which suits you best.

CILT(UK) Accredited Learning Partners

Delivering tailored courses and specialised training to suit the needs of Learners across logistics, transport and supply chain operations

CILT(UK) AO Accredited Learning Partners develop and deliver courses aligned to our portfolio of regulated qualifications using a range of media to suit a range of needs including face to face, distance and blended learning. 

Our accreditation gives customers assurance and confidence in the courses offered by our Learning Partners ensuring our qualifications remain trusted in the market. 

Each Learning Partner has its own unique offering ranging from solutions suitable for those who are new to the profession (foundation level) to those with more extensive learning requirements (practitioner and professional levels).

Visit our website to find our list of learning providers and their contact details. 

To become an accredited Learning Partner or to find out more contact the AO or visit our website. 

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK)

Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby

Northamptonshire NN17 4AX

Professionally Accredited Qualifications

The CILT(UK) AO as part of CILT(UK) encourages the development of courses which focus on the latest concepts in logistics, supply chain management and transportation in order to interest, encourage and engage people entering the profession as well as preparing the next generation of professionals.

Accreditation ensures that training providers and organisations offer high-quality learning solutions, and a great learning experience for students. It also provides assurance that a provider has met standards required by the professional body and must maintain those standards as part of continued accreditation. 

Such accredited qualifications may meet academic requirements for graded membership by evidencing professional competency and an ongoing commitment to professional development aligned to professional standards. 

Accreditation Benefits and Features

Benefits of CILT(UK) accreditation are:

  • Recognition by an independent Chartered professional body.
  • Provision of authoritative benchmark for assessing the programme.
  • Demonstration that the course has met the standards for the profession.
  • Provision of a route for individual professional recognition.
  • Help with forward planning by providing a benchmark for courses.

The programme accreditation covers the following features:

  • Assistance and support with preparing an application, if required.
  • Use of the CILT Accredited Logo and the phrase `CILT(UK) accredited' during the period of accreditation.
  • A certificate for each student that passes the assessment.
  • Promotion of the accredited course on the CILT(UK) website and featuring it in Focus magazine.
  • Allocated CILT(UK) Structured CPD hours.

Qualification Focus 

CILT(UK) Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers 

The CILT(UK) Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (TMCPC) qualification focuses on the skills required to deliver in the role of a Transport Manager in the varied types of transport operations in both road haulage and passenger transport.

The structure of our modular syllabus allows for flexible teaching and assessment is focused on the relevant knowledge and understanding required by competent Transport Managers in everyday operations. 

The four modules and the elements within each are:

  • M1 Managing Business Operations
  • M2 Managing Drivers
  • M3 Managing Compliance and Risk
  • M4 Managing Transport Operations 

  • CILT(UK) AO offer 10 assessment sessions each year making it easier for learners to fit study and assessment around their busy schedules.
  • Learners receive results 6 weeks after assessment and certificates for successful learners are dispatched within 2 weeks of results issue.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to our Transport Manager CPC Qualification, a one year CILT(UK) CPC eMember subscription* is included within the enrolment onto the CILT(UK) CPC qualification. 

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other membership level or subscription.

To enrol onto the CILT(UK) TMCPC engage with one of our many accredited Learning Partners, details can be found on our website.