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Start your professional development journey

Start your professional development journey

New qualifications and accessible learning at CILT(UK) Learning Centre

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport CILT(UK) is the professional body for those involved in the movement of goods, people and their associated supply chains. With over 100 years' experience of supporting members with career development, information, networking and professional recognition, we understand the required professional and practical competencies to enable logistics and transport professionals to thrive. 

The CILT(UK) Learning Centre is designed for busy professionals, wanting to boost their career opportunities. Our globally-recognised qualifications and online CPD short courses develop knowledge and skills across a variety of professional areas. From Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain and Operations Management Qualifications to accredited CPC refresher and tailored learning solutions for your organisation, our Learning Centre and Professional Development team are ideally placed to support both individuals and organisational needs. 

Your structured pathway to success:

The CILT(UK) Competency Framework is a key element in CILT(UK)'s goal to effectively support organisations, employers, employees and those considering entering the profession, in understanding the skills, competencies and knowledge required for success.

Many organisations have professional development frameworks in place and this resource will serve to inform and enhance what already exists within the areas of logistics, transport and supply chain operations. The framework supports the soon to be launched professional designations which define professional identity and indicates competency and credibility, showing commitment to the sector, a dedication to ongoing CPD and aspirational career development.

All qualifications offered by the CILT(UK) Learning Centre, directly link with the Competency Framework and the common Professional Standards required for Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain and Operations professionals.

Who should use the competency framework?

Employees: to identify requirements for a career in the profession and specific areas for improvement

Employers: to inform job descriptions, identify skills gaps and necessary learning for staff development

Seniority doesn't necessarily equate to advanced knowledge and experience in every task a person oversees. For example, a senior manager in an organisation could have level 6 skills, knowledge and experience in core workplace competencies and level 3 in several technical areas.

Taking this further, a Warehouse Manager will not have insight into the technical specifics of every task carried out in an operation, and so needs an awareness of how each task fits into the bigger picture.

By using the Competency Framework, organisations and professionals can identify the specific skills and knowledge gaps that require bridging to facilitate career progression.

New Qualifications for Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Professionals

The new CILT(UK) Level 3 and Level 5 regulated qualifications are designed to develop knowledge and skills across Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management. Both qualifications are delivered by the CILT(UK) Learning Centre via a blended learning solution, and directly align with the framework, as denoted by the icons above.

The Level 3 Practitioners Certificate in Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management provides learners with a core understanding of the skills, knowledge and competencies required to operate along the supply chain. Learners undertake Units 1 and 2 and will then select from Stream 1 or 2 for their final unit.

Unit 1: Business Operations along the Supply Chain

Unit 2: Cross-Functional Interconnectivity 

Choose from one of the following final units:

Stream 1: Production Operations Management

Stream 2: Logistics & Supply Chain Operations

The Level 5 Professional Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management is suited to those who want to enhance pre-existing skills, competencies, and knowledge to effectively interpret and propose operational goals in line with strategic plans. The Qualification is made up of three compulsory units.

Unit 1: Business & Environment Strategic Thinking

Unit 2: Effective & Sustainable Resource Management

Unit 3: Business Planning

Both of these regulated qualifications are certified by the CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation. The Learning Centre offers these qualifications via a blended learning solution and sessions are available throughout the year.

Bespoke learning solutions:

Each organisation and job role has its unique required skills and challenges. At CILT(UK), we recognise there is a wealth of exceptional development activity already in many organisations with the objective of ensuring a competent and professional workforce. A one size fits all approach to learning and development isn't right for many organisations.

The Institute encourages the development of courses and learning solutions that focus on the latest concepts in logistics, supply chain management and transport in order to interest, encourage and engage people within those sectors. It's also vitally important when nurturing and preparing the next generation of professionals.

CILT(UK) can help you develop and deliver learning solutions which are relevant to a particular skills gap within your organisation and/or a specific job role. These align directly with the competency framework, and the professional standard requirements of our membership. 

We offer a wide range of solutions that can be tailored towards practitioners just beginning their careers, right through to experienced professionals looking for their next step. Learning solutions are delivered through a blended approach, including: inperson training; digital classrooms; and online resource and support. This allows for a more flexible approach around current commitments, meaning learners do not all need to be in the same place at the same time.

Expanding networks and knowledge:

CILT(UK) is with you every step of the way as you embark through your career journey. Upon enrolment onto any of our full qualifications via the Learning Centre, Learners benefit from one year's Student Membership with CILT(UK). 

Those members can access a range of benefits including our Knowledge Centre, providing instant access to one of the largest collections of logistics, supply chain and transport information in the world. As well as exclusive discounts and free legal helpline via CILT Advantage, you also gain access to our active networks and events in areas relating to: Operations Management & Supply Chain; Women in Logistics; Transport Manager; and more. Regional groups and events also take place throughout the United Kingdom.

Those who successfully undertake and pass the exam for the new Level 3 or Level 5 qualification, may be entitled to apply for the first tier of our assessed grades: Member of CILT (MILT). Assessed membership demonstrates your knowledge and experience within the logistics and transport sector to both colleagues and employers. 

For information on the CILT(UK) Learning Centre and our Professional Development Services, contact