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SNAP Access & Security

SNAP Access & Security was introduced in 2017 to reinforce the safety of HGV parking locations, by providing and installing a diverse range of advanced ANPR Cameras, automated Barriers, CCTV and intelligent Payment Terminals.

By drastically improving the overall security of Truck Parks throughout the UK and Europe, SNAP Access & Security is helping to solve the Continental parking crisis. Secure parking locations are increasingly important for fleet operators and their drivers and the installation of SNAP Access & Security products creates safer HGV parking sites. 

Increased site safety, amplified cash flow and a reduction of the staff workload are all major advantages of a SNAP Access & Security system. By exploiting the modern technologies on offer, Truck Parks are minimising the risks of criminal activity, protecting their profits and reducing the staff manual input. Meanwhile, added security will enhance reputation and attract more drivers to the location, maximising the revenue the site is generating. 

Ross Mendenhall, Senior Area Manager for Extra MSA said: 

“The ANPR parking and payment system that SNAP Access and Security installed at our sites has increased the revenue we generate from parking by around 20% across all five sites. Whilst we were initially sceptical about the benefits of such a system, the increase in revenue and staff efficiency has prompted us to install the system at more of our sites including a new build in Leeds. The system has reduced the amount of time I have to spend doing admin which is a real help as it allows me get on with more important tasks.”

During 2018, around £90m worth of goods was stolen from haulage vehicles in England and Wales. These kinds of cargo crime incidents tend to happen whilst drivers are parked up for the night, either in lay-bys or unprotected service stations. SNAP have integrated the Access & Security division into their business to counteract the growing threat of crimes against the haulage industry. 

The team at SNAP Access & Security are expert technicians with years of experience in successfully installing security systems for the public and private sectors. Their team can audit existing Truck Parks for free and advise on the most cost-effective systems to boost safety levels. 

Simon McGraw, Estate Park Manager at Heywood Distribution Park said:

“As the manager of the site, I dealt with SNAP Access and Security to install 6 digital ANPR cameras, which have to quickly identify and open barriers for over 1000 vehicles a day. The security system enables us to monitor vehicles coming in and out the site, whilst the support from the staff has been excellent. Any issue raised is dealt with professionally and solved, if not immediately, within hours.”

What security products do SNAP Access & Security offer?

The most popular offering is ANPR technology, which ensures that all vehicles entering and exiting the site are policed and accounted for. An image of each vehicle is captured and time-stamped via the ANPR cameras. This information can then be correlated with SNAP Access & Security’s unique Payment Terminals which can be used in 15 languages. This certifies that the vehicle has paid the right tariff before they can exit the site. 

Automated barriers control the flow of traffic entering and exiting the secure parking site. Barriers can work independently or can be coordinated with the ANPR technology to provide a complete access control solution. 

By using advanced CCTV cameras, parking sites can be monitored day and night in HD. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras give users a 360° view which can be manually controlled or set to automatically scan a set area. Users are given full control of the system and can view live video from a smartphone or tablet. For greater security, thermal imaging cameras can be installed. These cameras are capable of differentiating between humans and animals and will sound an alarm if an unsolicited human is detected. 

SNAP also offer Access Control systems, which gives site owners the power to control who is able to access particular buildings, areas, rooms and even cupboards at their secure parking site. Permissions can be given to certain individuals, dependent on their role and seniority. 

How do I contact SNAP Access & Security?

To find out more about how SNAP Access & Security can help you and your business, email them on or call them on +44 (0)1603 777242. 

SNAP Access & Security recently launched their new website to showcase their recent installations and the services they offer. Check it out at