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Security, Health and Safety – Making a Difference

Security, Health and Safety –
Making a Difference

Brexit is now a reality. Business has mostly managed to get to grips with all the new paperwork needed to ship goods to continental Europe and Ireland, and we have got used to the fact that freight will take longer to reach its destination.

In international transport, we know well that with delays comes risk. Criminals cannot steal from a moving vehicle nor indeed can illegal migrants get on board. Unisto has seen, in the months following Brexit, a big spike in demand for barrier seals like our ISO 17712 certified high security bolt and cable seals for use on trucks delayed in lorry parks and in queues on motorways or at borders. 

Whilst we were pleased to have bigger sales of barrier seals, we did not see a corresponding spike in demand for our Unisto Bolt & Cable Seal Safety Cutter Kits. The alternative long handled bolt croppers or angle grinders that must have been called into use gives a shiver down the spine when thinking about the health and safety aspects of such tools. 

The force needed to remove an eight- or ten-millimetre steel bolt seal with bolt cutters is immense, requiring both hands and a great deal of physical strength, even with the leverage provided by the croppers. The bolt croppers are themselves heavy and, if they twist or the blades break, there is a real danger of musculoskeletal strains or eye injury, as fragments of metal can fly off when the cut is eventually made, sometimes from the tool itself breaking. With an angle grinder there are the flying sparks together with bits of cutter blade should this start to fragment.

The Unisto Bolt and Cable Safety Cutter Kit contains a Klauke battery driven electronic, hydraulic bolt cutter capable of quickly slicing through 12mm of mild steel with no effort required by the user. The incremental closing of the cutter blades (a safety feature) generates approximately 4 tonnes of cutting force. The tool is lightweight and held in one hand, leaving the other free to control the seal as it is steadily cleaved in two and gently removed. 

Apart from the health & safety issues, in the era of gender equality, companies want to avoid areas of their business where the work is defined by physical strength. Bolt seals and cable seals should be capable of being removed by any authorised personnel, male or female. This is a tool that everyone from Tyson Fury to Kyle Minogue could use easily and effectively.

The Cutter Kit also contains a high-quality pair of Greenlee cable cutters for use on cable seals. These easily slice through the wire rope, which the power cutter tends to chew-up. Also included is a battery charger and a spare battery ensuring that you always have a fully charged battery to hand. Safety equipment such as protective spectacles and gloves is also provided in the kit, ensuring that colleagues’ health and safety is always assured. 

Protecting the health and safety of your team is always of paramount importance. Apart from compensation and fines for personal injury, morale is often lifted when equipment is provided that makes individuals feel valued. A recent comment we received from Hannah Frost who is Health, Safety and Environment Compliance Officer at Dixons Carphone Group “The bolt cutters have been a revelation! They are very popular. Many people are sceptical before using them, but once in use, they love them, literally. One manager in particular really thought they wouldn’t make a difference, but recently admitted to me that they were excellent, safer, more efficient and another couple of managers were joking about the old days of using massive metal bolt cutters! – I’d say there were few things on campus that have had such an impact.” That is wonderful feedback to have from a customer.