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More than 40 Years in Optimisation and 15 Years in the Cloud

More than 40 Years in Optimisation and 15 Years in the Cloud

As well as providing Route Optimiser solutions as an On Premise, Cloud, Web API & Integration Engines and Enterprise Solution options …What else makes PTV different?

  • Is it our 40 years of experience, continuity of customer service and support plus our long term commitment to the customer experience?
  • Is it that our core management Team has in excess of 200 years’ experience in Logistics Consultancy, Solution Design & Deployment, Business Development & Operational Management?
  • Is it that we are committed to the use of cutting edge technology to deliver innovative, accessible Optimisation technology products, systems and services to a multitude of business sectors?
  • Is it delivering ever evolving soft and quantifiable savings and diverse benefits?
  • Is it providing various system options via cost effective and flexible commercial models?
  • Could it be our willingness to work with other ‘Best of Breed’ providers to deliver the very best solution to our customers?

Or is it just being far more than just a supplier?

This is what some of our Clients say

Business Systems Manager said: 

“When looking for competitive advantage in the market place, systems solutions that are both innovative as well as flexible are always key to providing the necessary tools to set you apart. When looking at the various offerings within the route planning and optimisation field, PTV stood out as being the obvious choice for flexibility, ease of use and commercial proposition. We would not hesitate in recommending PTV and are looking forward to many years of future development with them.”

Operations Director said: 

“We have achieved all of our Operational Requirements. Since we implemented the system, we have had a 9% improvement in distribution costs and 18% improvement on timed deliveries and actually carry out more deliveries with a reduced fleet at both sites.”

Logistics Supervisor said:

“This implementation has enabled an increase in completed orders on a next day basis of 24% and a per delivery fuel efficiency improvement of 20%.”

Freight and Logistics Contract Manager said:

‘’We have experienced positive results. Vehicle utilisation is improved and estimated at about 10-12% whilst on-time delivery is impacted positively by about 12% improvement.” 

PTV Optimisation Portfolio

Use our know-how to your advantage

  • Web based and accessible for any computer connected to the internet
  • Plan and optimise Multi-drop, FTL, LTL, Groupage, Bulk & Tanker Multiple Compartments
  • Collections and Deliveries and/or Combined CnD 
  • Frequency patterns that can be considered in the optimisation process
  • Individual routing profiles per vehicle and/or vehicle group
  • Calculations of transport costs and other essential KPI’s
  • Manage the execution:
  •     Send the planned routes to the PTV Driver App for real time order processing
  •     Automatically send the ETA to your customers with PTV Drive&Arrive
  • Restful Web API gives you the option to seamlessly integrate PTV Route Optimiser CL with your overall BI administrative system: ERP, WMS, SOP, TMS or CRM
  • A Route Optimisation system is deployed for Operational, Tactical and Strategic planning 
  • Systems to assist the planner with the most difficult tasks, namely the efficient dividing of orders and stops over the required fleet 
  • With route optimisation software, even smaller fleets up to five vehicles have achieved cost reductions ranging from 
  • 5-10% whilst larger fleets have achieved savings of up to 25%
  • Option for multi-screen configuration and orientation
  • SQL database for Desktop, Network, Client Hosting or simple xls/csv with Cloud Hosting