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It’s an “Electric” Start to 2024 for United Pallet Network

It’s an “Electric” Start to 2024 for United Pallet Network

Sustainability Boost - SmartFREIGHT Launch

- Five New Members

It’s been a hugely busy start to 2024 for United Pallet Network (UPN). Several key announcements have set a strong foundation for ongoing business growth throughout the year.

Sustainability Boost

There’s been a big boost to the UPN Sustainability Commitment at the start of this year.

Highly valued founder member of UPN, Leeds based Farsley Transport who serve West Yorkshire for the network, are the first company in Yorkshire to go electric. 

“We’re really proud to be the first company in Yorkshire to get an articulated Volvo EV on a fleet”, said Neil Chappelow – Farsley Transport Founder Owner

“The primary reason we’ve introduced it is to show that we’re going green, and are actively looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint including having an electric truck on the road. But it’s also about building awareness. It’s not only about us contributing to the climate change challenge but encouraging others to do so too.” 

“It’s not an easy task in our industry but we’re taking positive steps. It will lower our emissions. If it can work for us then it can work for other hauliers too.”

The new Volvo Electric FM is driven by three electric motors, with a continuous overall output of 490kW (666hp). This goes through a 12-speed I-Shift automated gearbox to a 12-tonne drive axle. It carries a total of 540kWh of power in six batteries, three of which are mounted on each side of the 3,900mm chassis, giving a total range of up to 300km. 

“Our new Volvo Electric FM seals our commitment to supporting a more sustainable and greener future for our industry. We are very proud to be leading the way to reduce our carbon footprint and this is just the first milestone in our sustainability journey. The future is Green, the future is Farsley!”

On the manufacturer’s advice, Farsley are using a Volvo supplied 50kW CCS connection to recharge the vehicle, which takes it from 20% to 80% in around 9 hours. 

SmartFREIGHT Launch

In January, UPN launched — SmartFREIGHT – which it believes is now the most extensive range of pallet size options available within the sector. 

“UPN SmartFREIGHT is a leap forward in convenience, flexibility and excellence for service users”, said UPN MD David Brown. 

“At UPN, we understand that the right size and fit matter, whether it’s small freight or oversized cargo. That’s why, for 2024, we’ve expanded our pallet freight shipping options to now offer six pallet footprint choices together with a range of OOG (Out of Gauge) and XL options.”

New to the SmartFREIGHT “family”, and targeting a clear market niche, is the “Quarter Plus Pallet” with a maximum base of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres, a height limit of 1.1 metres, and a weight cap of 400 kilos. The new Quarter Plus Pallet complements the already comprehensive SmartFREIGHT range of options.

The “Micro Pallet” — Maximum base of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres, a height limit of 0.6 metres, and a weight cap of 150 kilos. 

The “Quarter Pallet” — Maximum base of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres, a height limit of 0.6 metres, and a load capacity of 300 kilos. 

The “Half Pallet” — A versatile option with a maximum base of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres, a generous height limit of 2.2 metres, and a robust weight allowance of 600 kilos. 

The “Euro Pallet” — Maximum base of 0.8 metres by 1.2 metres, a height cap of 2.0 metres, and a carrying capacity of 1000 kilos. 

The “Full Pallet” — A heavyweight option with a maximum base of 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres, a height limit of 2.2 metres, and the flexibility to handle up to 1200 kilos.

SmartFREIGHT also caters for the extreme, with a full range of OOG and XL options for shipments up to 3.0 metres in length, up to 1.2 metres wide, and up to 2.2 metres high.

“UPN has consistently led the way”, said David Brown. 

SmartFREIGHT further distinguishes UPN in this highly competitive Sector. In an industry where choices matter, UPN stands out by offering more choices than ever before delivering flexibility, efficiency, and excellence.”

Five New Members

Since the New Year, UPN have signed up five new members to further boost its already high quality network. PT Williams Express Logistics, SL Transport, KRL, Davisoft Freight and Bacton Transport Services have all joined UPN in 2024.

Wrexham-based PT Williams Express Logistics provide a wide range of UK and international services and will be serving LL postcodes for UPN. 

Since their commencement in 1991, SL Transport has built on many decades of experience within logistics and haulage. They have grown to provide a complete solution across South West England and across the UK. They will be handling SN postcodes for UPN.

Somerset based KRL, are serving BA postcodes for UPN. For more than 25 years, KRL has been providing multimodal and logistics services to clients importing and exporting goods across the borders of the UK and Ireland.

Davisoft Freight are an established regional haulier based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. They will be serving HP, and WD postcodes for UPN. 

Established for over 90 years, Bacton Transport provides logistics, warehouse and transport services nationwide to and from the Eastern region.

“My Regional Director Team has worked extremely hard to get these excellent new members across the line and into our leading network”, said UPN Managing Director David Brown.

“United Pallet Network are continually looking out for opportunities to strengthen the density and quality of our UK coverage. We’re all about “Kaizen”, Continual Improvement. We’re continuously looking to improve all aspects of our business both centrally and across the UK, and we’re always involving our partner members and staff along the way. We’re always looking to improve.” 

Established in 2001, UPN has grown strongly and steadily into a high quality palletised freight distribution network. 

“Known for our “Real IQ” – Our Unique IT Support – and – Our Service Quality Excellence UPN has always been a Pallet Network Sector trailblazer,” said David.

“I’m really pleased that we have started 2024 so strongly and am looking forward to further growth over the year.”

Focussed on growth through member success, UPN currently have over 90 members covering the whole of the UK, and European partners providing coverage throughout 26 countries.