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CILT(UK) Membership

CILT(UK) Membership

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT(UK)) are the chartered body for professionals involved in the movement of goods and people and their associated supply chains. Membership with CILT(UK) is essential to keeping you moving. 

Through various benefits, CILT(UK) supports its members in their development that underpins the innovative knowledge, skills and behaviours required in the logistics, transport and supply chain professions.

The CILT(UK) Competency Framework

The CILT(UK) Competency Framework supports individuals operating and influencing within the scope of logistics, transport, supply chain and operations management. It provides a structure against which individuals can recognise and map their technical core workplace competencies. It's a useful tool in identifying existing strengths and opportunities for development. 

The Institute utilises the Competency Framework to bring together our professional communities and help our members identify the right development opportunities for them.

We map our regulated and accredited qualifications, accredited University degrees, endorsed short courses and CPD allocations to the Competency Framework to enable members to make informed and useful development decisions and closing appropriate skills gaps.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral aspect of any professional's working life. As a leading professional Institute, CILT(UK) has made a strong commitment to CPD and all members are expected to adopt the philosophy as part of their career path. 

CILT(UK) allocates CPD in two formats: 

  • Structured: a piece of formalised learning with specified learning outcomes and embedded techniques to help learners retain that learning; structured CPD will usually include an assessment or a knowledge check. 
  • Experiential: a development opportunity that is usually at the discretion of the individual; this type of CPD provides value within its content, but does not express any formal learning outcomes for the participant; participants are responsible for the degree of interaction with the development opportunity and drawing their own ideas, conclusions and knowledge from it. 

When considering our CPD, individuals must think about what is relevant to their current situation and the development needs of the now, but also consider future endeavours and what may need to be focussed on next.

The CPD that is relevant to you will depend on your current situation and the goals you or your organisation have set. You need to consider your preferred way of learning, and also select a good mix of CPD activity to ensure a balance of what you are good at, and what challenges you.

CPD is a lifelong commitment; the recognition and application of the developmental requirements to achieve your goals and improve your outputs as you stretch your capabilities and competence. As you identify your workplace application level you will consider the breadth and depth to which you need to develop your competencies.

At an operational level, depth of knowledge and skills is important to be a competent practitioner and to become an experienced lead in your skillset. Utilising a mix of CPD will build an individual's knowledge, skills and understanding as they develop. 

Progressing into more strategic operational leadership requires a breadth of understanding to reflect an overall awareness of how operational aspects function together to capably achieve strategic goals. 

Structured Development Opportunities

The CILT(UK) Learning Centre deliver learning solutions, including qualifications to support the development of individuals within their career aspirations, developing knowledge and applicable learning that will support logistics, transport and supply chain professionals.

Utilising accessible and varied delivery methods, the CILT(UK) Learning Centre helps Learners to understand, build their competence and deploy their learning into the workplace; adding value to the individual as well as the organisation.

The Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (TMCPC) qualifications are the CILT(UK) Learning Centre's most popular regulated qualification, equipping Learners with the required learning to become a nominated Transport Manager on an Operator Licence. In the words of one of our Learners, "Do it! It will expand your knowledge and support your progression".

CILT(UK) qualifications can provide the required knowledge exemption to apply for CILT(UK) membership.

CILT(UK) have a multitude of modular learning opportunities available on a variety topics, from short courses to accredited qualifications. These are a great way to explore and understand concepts, processes and supporting themes in an engaging and accessible way. The achievement of specified learning outcomes is the core driver of this type of structured CPD.

Experiential Development Opportunities

CILT(UK) offer extensive opportunities for members to extend their knowledge in an experiential way. Members have access to a myriad of platforms to boost their engagement with their own development and seek to improve and expand their own understanding and capability.

Our professional communities engage in knowledge sharing and networking activities, which are important development opportunities, providing the chance to understand and challenge ideas, theories and best practice with your contemporaries. CILT(UK) support this through national, regional and forum events hosted face to face and online. 

Mentoring is also a great way to focus on an area of development and get the advice and feedback from someone with the appropriate experience to guide you to achieving your goals. It's always good to get advice from somebody who has lived and breathed it before. 

Information and data are at the fingertips of CILT(UK) members through The Knowledge Centre, inclusive of the physical John Williams Library that boasts the largest collection of logistics and transport publications in Europe. Through various database sources, The Knowledge Centre team supports members with real-world enquiries whether that's sourcing data on potential market opportunities, supporting students with reference materials for their studies, or helping individuals prepare for an all important interview.

CILT(UK) keep members up-to-date with what's going on in the world of logistics, transport and supply chain operations through our multi-media publications, including the weekly news bulletin and our flagship magazine, Focus.

CILT(UK) provide members with interactive tools and career development resources through our Success! platform. It enables members to engage in reflective activities about how they think and perceive the working world around them, then supplies engaging resources to develop understanding of these topics. It also supports members in developing documents that will help them succeed in their career aspirations, such as building a CV.

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