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BoxHaul helps freight forwarders connect to an instant carrier network for container haulage

BoxHaul helps freight forwarders connect to an instant carrier network for container haulage

BoxHaul is the UK’s first container haulage marketplace that connects freight forwarders to haulage companies, whilst covering the complete end-to-end process from quote to invoice. The company launched their platform in October 2023, signed up over 60 container haulage companies and have kicked off transactions with several freight forwarders since January 2024.

Why BoxHaul?

Whilst there are several marketplace platforms for the full-truckload market, there is no other digital marketplace that purely focuses on the complex needs of the container haulage industry in the UK. Our aim is to make it easier for freight forwarders to get quotes and book loads with any reliable haulage company. At the same time, we also enable haulage companies to cherry pick business that would increase their margin. This is how BoxHaul creates a win-win scenario for both freight forwarders and haulage companies.

Grow your business

The BoxHaul platform is being used by freight forwarders to increase their sales and build relationships with new haulage companies. For example, a freight forwarder receives a quote request from their potential customer for an ocean freight shipment. They would log into the BoxHaul platform and receive multiple container haulage quotes in a matter of minutes. This enables them to respond quickly with a complete ocean & inland leg quote, giving them a higher chance to win the business. We help the freight forwarders using our platform to be the agent of choice, by having the ability to collaborate with a larger pool of reliable haulage companies to improve their sales and offer their customers more flexibility.

Get access to supply whenever you need it

Last minute load? Freight forwarders have been able to secure urgent loads, even on the same day as posting their quote requests through the BoxHaul platform. On average, freight forwarders receive 10 quotes per request within a 10-minute time span. In fact, the fastest transaction we have had on the platform happened in less than one minute, from when a freight forwarder posted a request through to accepting a haulier’s quote. 

In addition, all loads were delivered with a 100% OTIF performance and at competitive rates without sacrificing quality. This works because we help haulage companies cherry pick business to lock-in margins that they are happy with, making it a win-win. For example, approximately 10% of all our transactions have involved a “Container Re-use”. This is an optimisation that significantly improves a haulage company’s margins and reduces CO2 by combining an import load with an export load.

This benefit extends to the freight forwarder with their booking, as they can obtain a competitive rate, because of the haulier’s increased margin. There have even been transactions with rates for exports that were more competitive than the shipping line’s haulage rates.

What freight forwarders say about us

“Here at NKR Freight, we have always had an array of transporters with whom we have had a great relationship. As a result, we were at first a bit hesitant to sign up to BoxHaul. However, after having signed up another couple of large clients who required FCL transport - it just seemed a no brainer to try BoxHaul for this new work. Furthermore, it was not going to cost a single penny to list transport jobs. We were surprised to say the least. Not only did transporters bid for the jobs very quickly, the pricing was also on the lower end as to what existing long standing transporters were charging us. To date, BoxHaul has been amazing. Trusted transporters who are RHA members providing the peace of mind, great pricing and a large database ensuring even last-minute transport changes are covered. The idea is now to build the same long-standing relationships with BoxHaul transporters; as well as the BoxHaul team to ensure their growth as they have been fabulous!”

Ali Rajani, Sales Director

Vetted & reliable companies

BoxHaul is a managed marketplace. We manually cross-check all hauliers and freight forwarders against their company information at Companies House, ensuring that only active companies, without irregularities, join the platform. This is followed up by a validation phone call to check the authenticity of the haulier and shipper, and obtain some necessary details about their business.

Reliability is taken seriously, in both aspects of operational performance and timely payment. We continuously monitor the performance of all haulage companies and shippers on the platform to maintain the trustworthiness of all participants. Transaction information in terms of the proportion of late loads, cancelled loads or missed payments will be available on each haulier’s and shipper’s profile, so you know who you are dealing with. If certain performance measures are not adhered to, the haulage company or shipper in question would be removed from the platform.

This level of security contributes to BoxHaul bookings achieving a high OTIF rate for deliveries, which is 100% at the time of writing this article. 

Get started easily

It takes less than one minute to share some signup details about your company. We will review your company’s information from public sources such as Companies House. Once we complete our checks, we will set up a demo of the platform to provide more details and clarify any questions you may have. After that, we will activate your account so you can login to the platform, update your company’s profile and add your colleagues to the platform.

Book haulage with a couple of clicks

Once a freight forwarder has updated their company’s information on the platform, they will be able to request quotes from over 60 haulage companies across England, Wales and Scotland. Upon a haulage company’s quote being accepted, the booking is created on the BoxHaul platform, where the freight forwarder can communicate with the haulage company and manage the load until delivery.

Collaboration tools to resolve commercial & operational issues

Booking management on the BoxHaul platform includes several collaboration tools to ensure that containers are delivered
on-time with no issues. The platform also monitors vessel arrivals at the ports of Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway. In case there are any potential issues, both the freight forwarder and haulage company will receive notifications. For example, we provide notifications about detention & demurrage, as well as vessel delays, where the container may need to be rebooked with the haulage company for an alternative day. 

Simplify payments with our clearing services

Get the full benefit of working with multiple haulage companies, without the downside of managing invoices across multiple vendors. You can choose to be invoiced by BoxHaul, where we act as a payment gateway to handle payments to haulage companies on your behalf. Our partner is a well-known financial services company that is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Contact us for more information at


Maintaining neutrality is one of BoxHaul’s key values. We have not received any investment from corporate companies in the logistics industry. In fact, our strategy of fundraising will focus on Venture Capital. This ensures that there are no conflicts of interest with our customers’ business, whether they are freight forwarders or haulage companies. Our main aim is to help freight forwarders connect with haulage companies and identify win-win optimisations that help both parties increase sales and profitability. Logistics is a complex yet small world!

About BoxHaul

BoxHaul was founded in April 2023 by industry experts, Saif Khalaf as Chief Executive Officer and Franco Basilico as Chief Technology Officer. Saif has over 12 years of experience in the container shipping industry, having worked at Maersk, ZIM and UASC across operations, pricing and strategy. For the past five years, he had been involved in logistics technology, having led the international expansion at Avantida and later founding three freight-tech companies. He is joined by Franco, who has over 10 years of experience in the technology industry, having developed applications at blue chip companies, such as the London Stock Exchange.

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