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ASPÖCK Systems Lighting systems with a clear order: SAFETY

ASPÖCK Systems

Lighting systems with a clear order: SAFETY

Internationally, ASPÖCK Systems GmbH has been established for over 40 years, creating lighting solutions for vehicles that are designed, manufactured and tested in-house. This family business based in Austria with the UK sales office in Bishops Stortford, stands for high technical quality, innovation, flexibility and design. The pursuit of safety and efficiency drives the company forward.


SMCG - Side Marker Control Gear – provides control for flashing side marker lights (SML). This system was developed as a solution for the revised ECE 48 / Rev. 6. This regulation stipulates that the side marker lights of vehicles of categories O3 and O4 must be coordinated with the indicator. 

ASPÖCK Systems offer individual solutions to achieve this function whilst avoiding the installation of additional category 5 lights.

Solution 1

SMCG - A cost effective interface cable between loom and rear lamp which contains the necessary electronics and output to the side marker light. 

Solution 2

SMCG Relay - This electronic flashing relay is installed in an ASPÖCK junction box or ASPÖCK combination rearlight (Europoint III, Europoint II and Ecopoint II).

Both SMCG options boast simple installation into an existing ASPÖCK Systems lighting system. 

For the best possible solution – with regard to the legislative change and performance – combine UNIPOINT MAXX with SMCG – the high intensity side marker offers a substantially increased beam angle.

Unipoint MAXX - the new LED-SML with the highest possible intensity and output

For many years, the UNIPOINT product family has played a major role in bringing security to the forefront. The product range consists of lighting and light signal equipment – this includes position lamps and outline marker lamps as well as side marker lamps (SML), which are now used with an incorporated direction indicator (DI). With the new SML, which is designed in LED as standard, ASPÖCK has once again clearly underlined the topic of luminosity for side marker lights: The UNIPOINT MAXX provides maximum, legally permitted light intensity with low power consumption and is configured for horizontal mounting.

Cabling system

It’s just a cable but in the end it is the most important component to allow the high-quality lights of ASPÖCK shine. In addition, the ASPÖCK Group offers a wide range of different cables, and can thus meet all requirements of its customers. Whether coiled, for ADR or cables with special twisted cores for electronic applications such as BUS cables.

Via special cables for P&R (Press & Ready) or DC (Double Click) systems, ASPÖCK guarantees a simple connection of its components to the main wiring harness.

However, the cable alone does not make a connection. A wide range of connector systems is available for joining the cables to the various system components. Above all, the ASPÖCK plug system (ASS). Up to 4 cable exits per connector can be realised using the latest injection moulding technologies. ASPÖCK plays a pioneering role when it comes to merging several cores into individual pins. Light functions can be distributed directly on the connector. A distribution box is not required.

With the high level of flexibility in production, connector systems from other manufacturers can also be used at any time without any problems.

Several variants are available for sealing these connector systems onto the cable, depending on the area of application. No matter whether with grommet, over-moulding of the plug, (especially for multiple outlets) or high-pressure gating of the plug directly to the cable (e.g. P&R), ASPÖCK Systems has the suitable solution in its range.

This ensures that all ASPÖCK components - the lights, the light control units (LCGS, SMCGs), and distribution boxes, etc. can be perfectly connected to each other, thereby guaranteeing maximum reliability (up to ADR and IP6K9K).

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