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Truck and Track

Winter 2018



Bruntingthorpe Logistics isnowtransportingnewandusedcars

across the UK in style with their latest arrivals, a duo of Scania

P450s. Such a fan of the Scania product, the Lutterworth based

operator placed theorder for thefirst two rigidnext-generation

Scania car transporters as soon as they were available.

Supplied by dealer, TruckEast, the 6x2 Scanias are a 450 hp P-Series

with a low sleeper cab and fuel efficient 13-litre engine. Making

use of Euro-6 SCR emission technology the vehicles, plated at

44-tonnes GTW, deliver 2,350Nm torque and are finished in a

stunning gunmetal grey including colour-coded bumpers. Its trailer

bodywork, meanwhile, is the new Odyssey model by Essex based,

Transporter Engineering.

Inside, the driver benefits from all the advances in the next

generation model such as increased visibility with the changes

to driver’s position and lower side windows and maximised

comfort thanks to the redesigned cab. Additionally, the Scania

car-transporters are specced with the options of the extended

bed and external storage lockers on both sides, creating a better

environment for a productive day and relaxing night.

“Operationally, we need the low roof option, but in spite of this the

sleeper cab is extremely comfortable and offers a lot more space. It

provides that perfect dual environment that makes life on the road

that much easier for our drivers,” states Transport Manager, Martyn


Not only do the new Scanias increase the groups capacity for

vehicle transportationbut they are amongst the first to be equipped

with the new Odyssey model trailer which provides further load

flexibility on the fleet.

“It gives us an alternate configuration where we can maximise the

loading space within the given payload, so if we are transporting

larger vehicles we no longer have to compromise in the same way

on volume,” comments Martyn.

Each of the new additions is expected to average around

100,000kms per year, supporting both the rental market and

manufacturers directly across the UK. Operating on overnight runs,

five-days-a-week the higher specification of the next-generation

Scania has been welcomed onto the fleet.

“As a brand, Scania has always performed for us. But this model

takes it to a new level. It’s a better build, the quality finish is

impeccable and what’s more, they’ve listened to the market.

Options that were previously unavailable in the transporters are

now offered.” Summarising the decision to order the new Scanias,

Martyn continues, “Quite simply, the Scania really works for our

business. It’s a great truck and we always get the backup – why

would we go anywhere else?”

It’s early days for the P-Series, but the Leicestershire based haulier

is pleased with them and has already placed an order for a further

two, this time opting for a bit more power with the 500hp engine.

Aswith their other Scanias they’ll bemaintained by TruckEast Corby

including all routine servicing and inspections.

“The whole team at Corby give us a great level of service and are

always willing to help. It’s clear they want to get you back on the

road as quickly as possible – and that’s important to us,” concludes


Operating at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and in their third

year of trading, Bruntingthorpe Logistics runs a fleet of 16 car

transporters in which the Swedish marque makes up over 80%.

Transport Manager, Martyn Rose (left) and Director Paul Cox (right)

Bruntingthorpe Logistics loads up with new Scania duo

Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX)


, the global

leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce,

has announced that Descartes mobile driver vehicle safety

checks are now available as part of its SmartCompliance suite.

Transport operators of all sizes can access the Smartcheck

Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Check (DVSC) solution within

Smartanalysis to get a complete picture of compliance with

tachograph data, driving licence and driver CPC verification.

By assuring compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards

Agency’s (DVSA) required walk-around driver vehicle safety

checks, Smartcheck improves safety of commercial fleets and

helps mitigate roadside prohibitions that occur due to poor


The cloud-based solution replaces traditional paper-based record

keepingwithanonlinewalk-around check tool that canbe accessed

throughweb-browsers and handheld devices. Smartcheck provides

drivers with a guide to perform essential safety checks on vehicles

and equipment used on public roads. The solution records the time

the check took place and the duration. With the data captured in

real-time, transport operators will have the added confidence

that checks are conducted effectively. Drivers will be empowered

to carry out vehicle checks more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Transport Managers will have confidence that the checks actually

took place and any reported defects are dealt with.

As an integral part of Descartes’ SmartCompliance portfolio,

Smartcheck comes with the ability to produce powerful reporting

that turns vehicle check data into useful management information

to maintain a compliant transport operation. Transport Managers

can access a real-time holistic view of the status of all vehicles

within the fleet and generate internal reports of defects and repairs

as well as monitoring driver behaviour in conducting essential

vehicle checks.

Andrew Tavener, Head of Marketing at Descartes Systems UK, says:

“Conducting effective vehicle checks are essential in maintaining a

roadworthy fleet. Historically, checks have been carried out using

paper records, which can cause delays and leave more room for

error. With real-time data capture and transfer, the need to rekey

data is completely eradicated. Descartes’ driver vehicle safety check

solution creates an important auditable record of checks and any

corrective actions taken to protect drivers and the general public


Descartes launches mobile driver vehicle safety checks