Truck and Track Autumn 2021 Autumn 2021 Truck and Track 31 FUEL MANAGEMENT A nationwide leader in fresh produce wholesale has recently highlighted Merridale’s reliability after they upgraded their fuelling system to a Merridale MX-P twin, a heavy-duty ATEX- certified fuel pump. FreshDirect have been sourcing and delivering the best quality fruit and vegetables for over 50 years, from their depots in Bicester, Dagenham, Wigan, and Corby. With a fleet of over 70 vehicles and an annual fuel bill of over £1.25 million, they must have a fuel management and refuelling system that they can trust to deliver. Brian Fielding, who handles the fleet from their base in Bicester said “We previously had a Merridale fuel management system in place but ran it through a third-party pump. It wasn’t long before this broke down and became unusable. After experiencing two previous Merridale installations and knowing how dependable they have been, I insisted that we replace the third-party pump with one of Merridale’s and get the whole system singing in unison. Unfortunately, Merridale have witnessed several occasions where the manufacturer of the fuel management system and the manufacturer of the fuel pump are not the same. This may not always be a big deal, but these hybrid solutions rarely have the same level of support or operational life as systems that have been designed to work in tandem and built by the same company. These will inevitably be more efficient, accurate, and reliable than you would expect a ‘pick and mix’ system to be. Alongside their new Merridale MX-P twin pump, FreshDirect still has their Merridale Auditor GX fuel management system, updated to work with Merridale’s web-based software, FuelWorks. Merridale FuelWorks is the choice of many large fleet operators and local authorities, with over 1400 sites already in the UK. Each week, more fleet operators switch to FuelWorks, taking advantage of this low-cost subscription-based service, securely hosted by Merridale. The ability of FuelWorks to be accessed through a web browser on any device gives the user complete flexibility and accessibility, eliminating the need for any software to be installed on office computers. This means that users can access the vital data they require, from anywhere, at any time. FuelWorks can also monitor tank levels and predict low stock, sending email alerts as needed. FreshDirect choose Merridale for reliability