Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 84 SAFETY & SECURITY As Britain’s roads become increasingly congested, the safety of all road users becomes even more important. Vision UK is dedicated to the development and delivery of advanced vehicle safety equipment that helps to minimise accidents. The company’s revamped website has simplified the complete process of tailoring vehicle safety systems to cover almost every vehicle, application and operating environment. Designed to be innovative and intuitive, the new website guides all users - from single vehicle users to multi-vehicle fleet operators – through a flexible, step-by-step product selection process. By simply clicking on individual products from the comprehensive Vision UK range, users are able to design their own vehicle safety system incorporating proven state-of-the-art technology. This ground-breaking product selection process has been introduced by Vision UK as the DRV System Builder. The DVR System Builder enables customers to build up a DVR Recording System to meet their individual requirements. The product options offered are based on the most popular product choices amongst the company’s range. Currently, the range of vehicles covered by the DVR System Builder include Articulated and Drag-Bar vehicles, Construction Logistic vehicles, Roadside Collection vehicles, Distribution vehicles and Home Delivery vehicles. LDVS (London Direct Vision Standard), FORS and CLOCS Scheme Compliance To further assist customers in the selection of products to meet specific criteria, Vision UK has also devised a number of Package Options. One of the most popular options meets the requirements of LDVS (London Direct Vision Standard), FORS and CLOCS Scheme Compliance. Within the package is a selection of product options that includes DVR systems, Live View/Remote Access Upgrades, Front Camera options, Side Camera Options, Rear Cameras and Monitors. This package includes all the products necessary to ensure that your DVR system will be compliant with the Safety Equipment requirements of the LDVS (London Direct Vision Standard), FORS and CLOCS schemes. A unique aspect of the Vision Close Proximity Detection System is that it is integrated with the nearside camera and driver monitor. Also, it displays a warning message and plays an audible warning through the monitor. This greatly simplifies installation and enhances safety as the driver only needs to look at one place for information when manoeuvring. Items included in this package include a Close Proximity Detection System, a Speed Control Module, an External audible left turn manoeuvring alarm and an Alarm Disable Switch. Without the appropriate compliance, vehicle operators are increasingly finding that they are not always able to secure contracts - that their vehicles are not allowed to deliver to certain sites - and that they are not allowed to operate in Greater London. This package ensures that your video recording system will meet the Safety Equipment requirements of all current compliance schemes. There are currently three main UK compliance schemes: the LDVS (London Direct Vision Standard/ Safety Permit Scheme), FORS and CLOCS schemes. The LDVS scheme applies exclusively to vehicles operating in Greater London, FORS is a national scheme for all freight hauliers and CLOCS is specific to construction logistic hauliers. The CLOCs-70SD system meets the Safe-System requirements of the London Direct Vision Standard (LDVS), FORS and CLOCS schemes. Be safe and sure with CCTV & rear view camera systems from Vision UK