Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 74 WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT SERCO Trusts Totalkare with Training and Service International public service contractor SERCO has invested in multiple service contracts and operator training for its Totalkare workshop equipment across multiple UK sites. Operating across key markets such as defence, healthcare, justice, immigration and transport, SERCO provides a wide range support services from safeguarding society to immigration control and maritime operations to rail, ferries and intelligent transport systems. To support these operations, SERCO has invested in multiple items of equipment from workshop experts Totalkare, which include numerous sets of mobile column lift, fixed two post lifts and brake testers across no fewer than 11 of its UK depots. This equipment will now be supported by a comprehensive service and maintenance contract which includes two annual service visits and brake tester calibrations carried out by Totalkare’s Field Service Engineers. Frequent servicing will ensure any potential issues with the lifts are identified early, thus maximising equipment availability and reassuring engineers of their workplace safety. To prioritise safety and maximise productivity, SERCO has also purchased mobile column lift training for its workshop operatives. Delivered through Totalkare’s online portal, the training provides crucial safety and best practice information for on-site engineers. With progress viewable in an easy-toread dashboard for engineers and managers alike, online training causes minimal disruption of daily tasks compared to traditional off-site training. For SERCO, the added benefit of no set location also allows multiple teams across various depots to be trained simultaneously without needing to cover travel or close the depot. Totalkare’s online training is CPD-approved, and once passed, grants a three-year license. Daniel Taylor-Webb, National Workshop Manager for SERCO commented, “With multiple sets of mobile column lifts at each of our depots, accompanied by two post lifts and brake testers, it made sense to come to Totalkare for our service contracts and training.” Emma Carter, Internal Sales Executive for Totalkare, added “The online training licenses will provide staff with comprehensive operator and safety training while minimising downtime, allowing SERCO to maintain the output needed for the public sector. The service contracts ensure all equipment remains both safe for the workers and compliant with legal regulations.” For more information about Totalkare mobile column lifts, training or service visit