Truck and Track Summer 2023 Summer 2023 Truck and Track 61 DANGEROUS GOODS ■ Charges incurred for non-compliance. Many forwarders will replace incorrect or damaged labels on behalf of their client – but they will usually charge a princely sum for this service. This photograph highlights perfectly why buying cheaper placards is a false economy. The container had to be isolated at the dockside and new placards applied. All these costs, and more, were charged to the client, adding up to nearly £400. From a safety angle, this incident illustrates why the rules exist. If the placards had come off en route and the vehicle was involved in an accident, there would be no obvious identification of the hazardous nature of the chemicals in the container. Furthermore, the person opening the container at its destination may not have realised that it contained dangerous goods. On a smaller scale, Labeline was recently notified of a package containing dangerous goods which had a home-made paper hazard label stuck on it with transparent adhesive tape. It was also the wrong size and the company concerned was very lucky that the forwarder picked up on this and not the regulators. The forwarder, quite rightly, charged the shipper a significant sum to replace the labels, but the costs were far less than they could have been. The shipment was destined to go by air to the USA, where there are fixed fines in excess of $1,000 for incorrect labelling and marking. Should there be an incident involving an mis-declared product, the penalties are unlimited. In this flagrant breach of the regulations, the person consigning the goods had either not been trained properly or forgot / ignored what they’d learned. In the UK, Police Forces up and down the country have been increasing the number of officers who are qualified DGSA’s (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers) to facilitate better policing of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations. These officers, together with the DVSA, DfT, HSE and others form the CDG Practitioners Forum which meets twice a year to share knowledge and co-ordinate activities, such as road-side checks. As a company, Labeline supports professional associations like the CDGPF and attends events to help spread the message about the safe transport of dangerous goods. We have exhibited at a number of these in 2023, including ChemUK, and we are pleased to be back at Multimodal this year. As a global leader in compliance for dangerous goods, Labeline has a strong presence in USA and is a Platinum Sponsor of COSTHA (Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles) which is an international organisation which is represented at the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. We were back exhibiting at their annual Expo and Forum in Dallas again this May where we met many of our customers and industry colleagues. For the last 14 years, Labeline has been IATA’s leading international distributor of their Dangerous Goods Regulations and our MD, Keith Kingham, was presented with a certificate by IATA at the COSTHA event in recognition of the company’s achievement. 2023 Road and Rail Regulations become mandatory from 1st July! Every two years, updated regulations for the transport of dangerous goods are published for all modes. Whilst the regulations for air take effect immediately (on 1st January), ADR, RID and the IMDG Code have transitional measures to allow time to comply. For IMDG this is a full year. However, for ADR and RID, dangerous goods may be carried in accordance with the 2021 requirements until 30th June 2023. Therefore, operators must comply with the 2023 regulations from 1st July. On the Labeline website, there is a range of offers on the ADR manuals, including the easy-to-use spiral bound version. RID comes as a single book with the option to download it in a digital format. All come with our bespoke index tabs. Labeline also produces a guide for organisations that wish to maximise the benefits of the Limited and Excepted Quantity exemptions. The 6th Edition (for ADR 2023) has been published. About Labeline For over 30 years, Labeline International has been at the forefront of dangerous goods compliance, supplying publications, labels, documentation, software, training and consultancy services – the one stop service to the dangerous goods industry. Globally, Labeline is probably the leading authorised distributor for the regulations covering the transport of dangerous goods by all modes. Labeline, for all your Dangerous Goods compliance needs: For more information visit: Order online 24-7 Phone: 01271 817677 / 0870 850 5051 Order today - delivered tomorrow Ensure you purchase from an authorised distributor for all your regulations! Peeling placards