Truck and Track Summer 2023 Summer 2023 Truck and Track 57 FUEL MANAGEMENT Chances are, if you have purchased a new diesel vehicle after 2016, you will have heard of AdBlue and are most likely having to use it on a regular basis. AdBlue is a fluid that is introduced to a vehicle’s exhaust system in an attempt to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions that the vehicle expels. The makeup of AdBlue is a mixture of urea and deionised water. When the much more stringent Euro 6 standards were introduced back in 2016, Adblue became the go-to solution for helping diesel vehicles meet those new regulations by easily lowering emissions. For fleet operators with onsite fuelling facilities, the need to store and dispense AdBlue next to their diesel installations has become quite the norm. With AdBlue prices being much more varied than diesel, it is important for customers to research the market before making any commitments. The price per litre can still be as low as 40 pence or way over £1 depending on the quantity brought and method of delivery, so the need to manage the usage across any sized fleet is very important. Merridale have designed and developed the MX-P DEF AdBlue pump which not only boasts the same hard-wearing stainless steel housing as the rest of their MX range but the pump is also 100% compatible with Merridale fuel management systems so that every drop is accounted for. This, coupled with Merridale’s latest FuelWorks web-based software that is capable of running automatic FORS & emissions reports, gives the user peace of mind that they are taking complete control of their fuel management process as well as fulfilling specific environmental obligations. The Merridale MX-P DEF AdBlue pump is available as a stand-alone pump or as an MX-I with fuel management built into it. It can also be included as part of a TWIN unit so the customer can have diesel and AdBlue dispensing capacity in the same place, at the same time. Merridale can also supply the AdBlue storage tanks to suit the customer’s individual needs along with contents probes and Merridale tank management systems to monitor the tank stock. To find out how Merridale equipment and services can assist your fuel management process, contact Merridale on 01902 350700 or visit AdBlue capabilities added to Merridale’s MX Range One of the most powerful but often overlooked tools available to Merridale FuelWorks users is the ability to automatically produce daily reconciliation reports as standard. Reconciliation, or Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR), is the maintenance and examination of the stock movements within the storage vessels, the output through the fuel pumps and the input by delivery. In an ideal world, reconciliation wouldn’t be necessary as all these factors would naturally balance. However, in the real world, variances do occur due to inaccurate or inconsistent meter readings, inferior stock measurements due to low quality or poorly maintained tank gauges and, of course, discrepancies due to tank failure or theft. SIR is best regarded as standard practice as well as being detailed by the Environmental Agency within HSG 176 and Report R & D 2-285. Although some of these documents are mostly written for retail filling stations, they do specifically mention that the practices should also be followed at workplace storage spaces and diesel only sites. They also outline examples of reports that require to be maintained and indicate that it is expected that reconciliation between tank depletion and pump output should be undertaken daily. By keeping accurate charts on a daily basis, fleet operators will be alerted to any failure of any of these systems and, where reconciliation is monitored on a permanent basis, will identify the most serious issues as they occur with the help of Merridale FuelWorks’ sudden drop detection. How can fleet operators adopt the best and most comprehensive practices? The simple answer to this is to consistently maintain accurate records and to utilise the most reliable and trustworthy measuring equipment. This extends to accurate pumps with air separation and positive displacement meters, tank contents measuring systems that are of the highest industry standards and to ensure that all equipment is inspected and calibrated frequently. It is appreciated that the daily task of inspecting and recording tank contents and ensuring delivery equipment is accurate by daily testing does add significantly to any fleet operator’s administration tasks. However, the best solution is to incorporate a holistic approach whereby not only will the equipment employed meet with the best industry standards but that they are designed to automate this recording and present the results in a readily accessible format. Merridale users can rest assured knowing that all Merridale pump metering equipment, including tank management systems, are built to the highest industry standards which means that the calculations produced by Merridale software are of the most accurate generally available. As standard, a Merridale tank management system features a highly accurate gauge with precision pressure probes and overfill sensors, as well as having the functionality to interface with a Merridale fuel pump and management system for remote access and detailed reconciliation. By transferring the data to the Merridale FuelWorks web-based service via the fuel management integration, you can benefit further from fuel stock prediction, automatic delivery detection, low-level warnings, and order prompts, all accessible on any web-enabled device. A detailed reconciliation report is generated in FuelWorks by comparing the daily stock movements within the tank, considering any deliveries that have been automatically detected and comparing this against the authorised issues from the fuel pumps. This information can be used to pinpoint areas of concern such as hidden tank or pipework leaks or simply if the fuel pump meters need recalibration. Merridale’s tank management systems now also include stock depletion detection to alert you immediately, via SMS, of an unexpected drop in fuel level. This means that you will be alerted to any severe leak or theft from the tank that occurs, irrespective of where you are at the time. A Closer Look at Merridale FuelWorks’ Reconciliation Reports Merridale’s MX AdBlue Pump