Truck and Track Summer 2023 Summer 2023 Truck and Track 53 RECRUITMENT Xclusive was set up in 2003 and has unrivalled industry knowledge of the logistics sector that helps ensure that they match the correct candidate to the correct client. With a focus on logistics and related sectors, they have 15,000+ logistics candidates and work with some of the best companies in the sector. Xclusive recruitment was started by David Doolan in 2003 following a “challenging experience” with a recruiter whilst working for a large parcel carrier. “I thought I could do that better so Xclusive was born with the strapline ‘recruitment with integrity’ which has served us well and been the core of the business for all those years,” said David Doolan, Managing Director of Brackley-based Xclusive Recruitment. During the past 20 years, Xclusive has developed an excellent reputation even though there are over 16,000 recruitment companies in the UK. They have achieved this by defining a clear niche through specialising in the transport and logistics industry, fulfilling middle to senior roles for both large and smaller companies. Doolan continued, “The logistics industry is a truly amazing sector and provides superb innovative distribution and delivery solutions that keep the economy moving. The logistics sector provides high quality service for time-bound deliveries whilst doing this in a highly competitive cost-driven sector. “We all take for granted, to some degree, how efficient the whole supply chain is and we expect stock at supermarkets, fuel at petrol stations and for postal and parcel deliveries to arrive on time etc.” Over the years, there have been many changes with the greater use of the internet, digital marketing, on-line recruitment, and overall speed of communications, which has meant a much faster world with both clients and companies wanting everything within agreed timelines. Xclusive has adapted to use all this technology, however the one thing that has remained constant is understanding that recruitment is about the people for both clients and candidates. In recruitment, when discussing opportunities with candidates, they are dealing with a person’s livelihood so this must be taken very seriously at all times. The type of transport and logistics companies has consistently evolved, now including 3PL (third part logistics), 4PL (fourth party logistics), digital mail, last mile disruptors as well as the more traditional types of operators. The skill set required with some types of roles now need different skillsets which has added another layer of complexity. This is where Xclusive’s excellent relevant knowledge helps them to differentiate themselves. During the years, a number of similar companies are no longer here particularly after such events as the credit crunch, Covid and more lately the inflationary effects around the globe. Doolan added, “Luckily for us, through all the challenges, Xclusive has continued and thrived. We get repeat business from satisfied customers and new companies referred to us looking for a quality service. We also get work from our previous candidates who have been promoted into new roles with our client and remember the way we treated them.” Xclusive often see themselves like a dating agency, finding the right candidate for the right company and ensuring there is a cultural fit. This all sounds very easy. However, when you start to take into consideration all the elements to make this happen such as location, experience, money and the big one personality, you really do see the hard work that goes into the matching process. The team has changed and grown over the years and, back in May 2022, Andrew Gadsden joined as a partner and is having a great impact in the business. “Following a great career in transport and logistics, moving into the recruitment industry was a real and refreshing change of scenery,” commented Andrew. “Although recruitment sounds easy there are many that fail as it means long hours and hard work. With quality recruitment it is like an iceberg, you only see the 10% above the surface and not the 90% of work and activity unseen. Going that extra mile, and not taking any shortcuts, really pays results for clients and candidates alike. Coming to Xclusive has been a breath of fresh air, doing something I passionately believe in. This makes a difference to people’s lives and gives you a real buzz and sense of purpose.” The future is hard to predict because change is inevitable. However, one thing is certain, product will always need to be moved and the logistics sector is a people business. Xclusive are in a great position to continue to help companies adapt by finding the people of the future that keep businesses ahead of the curve. Xclusive Recruitment celebrates 20 years of success Andrew Gadsden David Doolan