Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 46 PERSONALITY PROFILE as the network established its position in the sector with a series of firsts. The first extended pallet range including the unique “Micro Pallet”, the first bespoke signature capture system, the first live signature capture app, the introduction of cutting edge “SmartHUB IT Systems” and, this year, the launch of SmartSCORE - its new customer experience feedback platform.” So David, what makes you tick? And why do you see UPN as different from other networks? “Loyalty is a big thing for me - both personally and professionally. As I said, I’ve been with Shelley for over 30 years, and I’ve worked in just two companies, for 17 years each. I’m extremely passionate about UPN, our staff, our members and the industry. It was said somewhere that “If you find a job you love, you never have to “work” another day”, I love working at UPN, and I love everything about our industry. “I’m very much a people person and I love working with our members. They are my kind of people. Hard working business owners, driven individuals who really care about their staff, their businesses and their families. It’s a fantastic sector to be involved in, building REAL relationships with REAL people and developing great personal friendships in the process. “I like to think my personality is channelled through UPN. We are a people business with very loyal staff across all areas, many of whom have been with UPN since the very early days. We are truly member focussed and very big on “Team UPN”, all of us working together as a network and helping each other on a daily basis.” Can you give an example of that togetherness in action? “A wonderful example occurred very recently when UPN Member, HBC Logistics of Biggleswade were hit with a huge and totally unexpected problem. A new customer, a big one, had commissioned HBC Logistics to handle an extra movement from Italy. It was a big deal. The shipment was a brand new product that needed to be at a client in Swansea, a company developing a major new contract with a major supermarket chain. “A dedicated vehicle handled the movement all the way to Swansea from Italy. Until, at Swansea Services, ten miles from the destination point. National Highways held the vehicle due to a mechanical defect. It wasn’t going anywhere. The shipment wasn’t moving. The contract and new client were in huge danger of being lost. “HBC Logistics were in big trouble. We recommended they call Stephen Morgan, the Depot Principal of our Swansea-based UPN member AT Morgan and Son to see if he could help. I have to say, Stephen was absolutely awesome in his response.