Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 42 such as silo trucks and special vehicles. The JETSTREAM high pressure device is also designed to pre-clean very heavily soiled vehicles such as tipper trucks. Four electro-mechanically oscillating high pressure nozzle units per wash system side, equipped with contra rotating high pressure blast nozzles, spray the vehicle powerfully whilst the wash portal moves. The front and rear wash is performed by the integrated swivel device for the high-pressure nozzle units. The manual pre-cleaning effort required by the pre-wash staff is significantly reduced with the JETSTREAM. UNDERBODY WASH SYSTEM the stationary nozzle cane (under floor) cleans the vehicle’s undersides while the vehicle is entering the wash hall without losing time. We offer two variants that can be combined with corresponding rotary pumps. DISCONTINUOUS LATERAL BRUSH ensures the best wash result without leaving wash shadows. It enables continuous and more effective cleaning under the mirrors, is available in different wash heights and can therefore be individually adapted to any fleet as required. The additional pair of lateral brushes ensures optimum cleaning without losing flexibility. ACTIVE FOAM DEVICE ensures comprehensive application of the wash chemicals via active foam nozzles. The chemicals achieve longer adhesion for effective dirt removal. An optional polishing application is also available with separate dosing equipment. AEROPRO HIGH PERFORMANCE DRYER: The outstanding feature of the AEROPRO dryer is that the airflow starts being directed towards the front of the vehicle slanted from above. By pivoting the blower units or air outlets, the air current can be directed towards lateral vehicle sections or roof and rear sections. WATER RECYCLING: Water is precious. That makes it even more important to budget it with extra care. Pure drinking water is often too precious for washing vehicles, which is why it makes sense to use a circulation system to recycle the washing water used. In addition to ecological aspects, legal regulations, and economic factors, such as the cost for drinking water and sewage, also play a part in this decision. FONTIS water preparation units have been developed especially for use with vehicle washing plants. In their compact form, they combine all the technology including the washing water storage tank, a quartz-gravel filter and a booster pump. The FONTIS can be equipped with an optional chemical pre-treatment stage (flocculation). Find out more about Wilcomatic’s comprehensive vehicle wash systems: or send an email to ! ! ! %&%+ )', (*)% " ! ! VEHICLE WASH SYSTEMS