Truck and Track Summer 2023 Summer 2023 Truck and Track 25 DESCARTES™ Seamlessly Navigating The Changing Customs & Compliance Landscape It’s fair to say UK business has had a challenging few years, after a global pandemic; chaos at the borders; HGV driver shortages and the ensuing supply chain chaos compounded by political uncertainty; inflation; and a fuel and energy crisis. Added to that, an increasing focus on sustainability and the ongoing overhaul of the UK and European customs declarations system is creating a daunting environment for fleet and logistics managers. Whether it is the new CDS system in the UK, the new NCTS Phase 5 impacting on moving goods across the UK and Europe, the introduction of new or updated Customs Systems across Europe to meet the EU’s Union Customs Code Multi Annual Strategic Plan or new Safety & Security requirements such as ICS2 for Road, Maritime and Rail due to be introduced from March 2024, these all involve greater demands on organizations to implement changes whether that is just to provide the necessary information or introduce new technical solutions. One of the biggest forthcoming challenges will be as part of the UK’s new Target Operating Model which will see the implementation of the requirement of pre-arrival Safety & Security filings for goods arriving from the EU which were suspended immediately after Brexit. The import and export industry is a complex and highly regulated field, with numerous customs and regulatory requirements that must be met by businesses engaged in international trade. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in severe penalties, costly delays and disruptions to supply chains. To migrate these risks, businesses have turned to customs and regulatory compliance software solutions, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings to streamline their operations and ensure compliance. SaaS has gained significant popularity as a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses across various sectors. The customs and regulatory compliance industry is no exception as businesses seek to optimise their operations and comply with the ever-changing customs and regulatory requirements. Technology backed up by years of expertise Descartes Systems is a global leader in providing customs and compliance software solutions to businesses engaged in international trade. Descartes’ customs and compliance