Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 20 CILT(UK) LEARNING CENTRE knowledge and experience in core workplace competencies and level 3 in several technical areas. Taking this further, a Warehouse Manager will not have insight into the technical specifics of every task carried out in an operation, and so needs an awareness of how each task fits into the bigger picture. By using the Competency Framework, organisations and professionals can identify the specific skills and knowledge gaps that require bridging to facilitate career progression. Scan here to see the latest version of the CILT(UK) Competency Framework. New Qualifications for Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Professionals The new CILT(UK) Level 3 and Level 5 regulated qualifications are designed to develop knowledge and skills across Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management. Both qualifications are delivered by the CILT(UK) Learning Centre via a blended learning solution, and directly align with the framework, as denoted by the icons above. The Level 3 Practitioners Certificate in Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management provides learners with a core understanding of the skills, knowledge and competencies required to operate along the supply chain. Learners undertake Units 1 and 2 and will then select from Stream 1 or 2 for their final unit. Unit 1: Business Operations along the Supply Chain Unit 2: Cross-Functional Interconnectivity Choose from one of the following final units: Stream 1: Production Operations Management Stream 2: Logistics & Supply Chain Operations The Level 5 Professional Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management is suited to those who want to enhance pre-existing skills, competencies, and knowledge to effectively interpret and propose operational goals in line with strategic plans. The Qualification is made up of three compulsory units. LEVEL 1 LEVEL 1-2 LEVEL 2-3 LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5 LEVEL 6 LEVEL 7 3Basic knowledge limited experience Basic Awareness Enhanced Awareness Competent Operator Practitioner Professional Experienced Professional Sector Expert Performs with supervision Performs without supervision Experienced lead in skillset Influence change & strategic direction Strategic Operational Awareness Influence thought leadership in sector KNOWLEDGE LEVEL WORKPLACE APPLICATION COMPETENCY TYPE