Truck and Track Summer 2023

Truck and Track Summer 2023 18 BUSINESS NEWS Logistics UK raises industry concerns over border target operating model Logistics UK has highlighted its members’ concerns on the draft Border Target Operating Model in a roundtable meeting in government, hosted by Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office. The meeting follows a letter that Logistics UK’s CEO, David Wells, had sent to the Minister regarding the planned new controls on imports from the EU and Rest of the World, set to be introduced from October 2023. Speaking after the meeting, which included other representatives from the logistics sector, Nichola Mallon, Logistics UK’s Head of Trade and Devolved Policy, commented: “Logistics UK and its members support the UK’s 2025 Border Strategy but remain concerned that there is still much to be done. During the meeting with the Minister, we highlighted the urgent need for government to provide greater detail to allow businesses to prepare for these new import control changes, given the very challenging tight timescales and the fact these will be implemented alongside a raft of changes to customs, border and trading processes – such as the Windsor Framework. We raised the specific challenges faced by groupage operators and in both the meeting, and Logistics UK’s formal feedback response to government, emphasised concerns about the potential inflationary impact of new processes and charging proposals at a time when consumers are already faced with exceptionally high food inflation. Government must provide transparency on the additional costs to business from these new processes, and ensure they are kept to a minimum. “In both the meeting and our formal response, we pressed the need for clear and meaningful engagement structures so the logistics industry can be involved in shaping the implementation stages of this new border model, to help government to identify operational difficulties and solutions swiftly. It is our members who keep the UK trading and, while it is encouraging that government is listening to our concerns and is looking to address them in the final Border Target Operating Model, we will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure plans are acted upon. The government’s commitment to working with us throughout the implementation stage will be vital to the success of the plan.” GoWash, who provide a streamlined solution to company car/ van washing, has reached another milestone in their impressive growth in the vehicle washing sector. Now working with over 40,000 fleet vehicles across the UK, the GoWash Fleet Account is solving issues every day that fleets encounter when trying to keep their vehicles clean. Managing Director, Jonny Billing, has been banging the drum for fleets to become more efficient in non-fuel expenses for over eight years. “It is one of those ‘no-brainers’. If you have a fleet you need to keep your vehicles clean. Rather than leaving it to chance, you can now control every aspect, covering cost, frequency, and reporting - all without moving from your desk.” He added, “Why would you allow your accounts teams to deal with receipts from drivers, or petty cash? You can save yourself a fortune by just switching over to our electronic payment solution in a matter of minutes!” GoWash is also closing in on their 400th site on their network, meaning coverage is completely nationwide as well. They work closely with fleets who use the system to ensure that there is coverage for all of their drivers, by opening up sites in harder to reach areas. GoWash has also found multiple other ways to help fleets with their vehicle washing. Alongside their national network of hand car washes, they also have a network of mobile operators. “We can cover the needs of any fleet, while drivers are out and about cleaning vehicles at our static sites, we can be sending one of our mobile operators to valet vehicles on site!” The GoWash Fleet Account works in tandem with the GoWash App which is how drivers find GoWash sites and make payments for washes. The App itself couldn’t be simpler, drivers do not need a login, all they do is pick it up, enter their reg number and choose the site closest to them. If they are a fleet customer then they can pay through the fleet account. Any transactions are then linked up with a weekly itemised invoice which is sent to head office. GoWash can even provide transaction data if required by the fleet to make reporting and accounting easier. You can even identify how the invoice is split out by depot or cost centre, again making the life of your accounts team easier. The GoWash Fleet account is free to join and there is no commitment or contracts to sign, so you can simply give the account a go and leave whenever you wish. Read more about the account here: Fancy a free trial? GoWash charge 5% fees on top of every invoice which is the only charge you will ever receive from them. However, as a Truck and Track reader, GoWash are giving you a month’s free trial of the GoWash Fleet Account! Simply sign up online and enter ‘Truck and Track’ when asked how you heard about GoWash. They will automatically set your account to 0% for the first month. After this time, you will be moved to their standard 5% surcharge. GoWash reaches another milestone! TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TOALLPORTS GROUP