Truck and Track Spring 2024

Truck and Track Spring 2024 78 LOADING BAYS In October 2023, The Association of Loading Bay and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers (ALEM) collaborated with the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) to successfully launch the Level 2 Award in Dock Leveller Safety. Since then, the demand from a wide range of companies and organisations to participate in the one-day course has been extremely high. This welcome response highlights the recognition of the natural synergy between dock levellers and industrial doors. Further information is available via the ALEM website Richard Spinks, ALEM’s President, is delighted with the immediate success of the collaboration with the DHF. He says, “We identified the need for a dock leveller safety training course and, together, we have collaborated to develop and deliver this initiative. We approached the DHF because of their proven experience in course development and delivery of training courses so it made sense to establish a long-standing relationship.” ALEM members are committed to supplying quality products that are in compliance with all relevant UK and European legislation, giving complete confidence to all customers. There are two standards that are of specific interest to ALEM members: ■ EN1570-1 Safety requirements for lifting tables – lifting tables serving up to two fixed landings ■ EN1398 – Dock Levellers. Safety requirements The CEN TC98 Working Group 2 has been advised that EN15701 is ready for publication as soon as possible. ALEM members will be provided with details of the key differences between the old standard and the new standard after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. A systematic review of EN1398 is due in 2024. ALEM members have established a working group to supply information to the British Standards Institute (BSI) to justify why a revision is required and what would happen if this standard is not revised. ALEM has been working closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to provide guidance and support to its members on the marking requirements of refurbished/modified goods. A representative from the HSE attends every ALEM meeting to provide guidance and advice to ALEM members. The Association has also participated in the UK Equipment & Machinery Industry Forum (UKEMIF). The forum was established to provide members of UK trade associations a collective voice when liaising with government departments over regulatory issues following the UK’s decision to exit the EU. There are 17 different trade associations that are members of the forum which meets regularly with representatives from the Department for Business and Trade (DBT), HSE and DfT, thereby providing a means of exchanging information and obtaining advice from relevant government officials and technical experts. Q&A sessions with the DBT also provide members with a means of seeking further information from government on regulatory matters and issues within industry following government announcements. This exchange of information has been extremely useful especially with the announcement of the indefinite acceptance of the CE mark for goods placed on the GB market beyond December 2024. Membership of ALEM allows members to share their experiences, provides a forum for exchanging views and a method of obtaining advice from relevant government officials and technical experts. Information on how to become a member of ALEM can be found via the ALEM website, ALEM continues to focus on safety and new standards TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TOALLPORTS GROUP