Truck and Track Spring 2024

Truck and Track Spring 2024 66 COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SHOW 2024 In 2024, SANY and Putzmeister are bringing the IONTRON eMixer to the CV show. First unveiled in Europe at BAUMA in October 2022, the IONTRON mixer is a joint project between SANY eTrucks (Europe) and Putzmeister GmbH. In June 2023, a LHD SANY/Putzmeister eMixer was shown in the UK at the RTX as a preview. SANY started producing trucks in China in 2012 and, since 2017, has focused on developing its offering for battery electric trucks and heavy goods vehicles, becoming market leader in its field in China with 15,000 units sold since 2019 to date. Available for sale in 8x4 rigid truck type, UK sales officially started in January 2024 as a fully assembled eMixer. For the CV Show, SANY eTruck / Putzmeister will be presenting three vehicles at the CV Show. One unit will be on display on stand 5A60, A further two trucks will be available in the ride and drive (passenger demonstrations), all three vehicles will be the eMixer type, 8x4 wheel base, (32 GTW) full battery electric truck chassis currently being used by customers on real world job sites in the UK. Taking centre stage is the eMixer from Aggregate Industries, currently operating from their Coleshill Readymix Plant in Birmingham. The electric truck joins their existing fleet of diesel mixers as they look to replace their trucks to battery electric in the coming years as their organisation moves towards its net zero target. As their eMixer, it has been integrated into daily operations, with 120Kw charging being installed and supplied by our infrastructure partners Zenobe, with a full recharge capable of the trucks 350kw battery pack possible from 0-100% in under three hours. The trucks batteries’ are supplied by CATL and are the latest LFP (lithium Iron Phosphate) for the best performance and longevity on the market. With the 350Kw battery pack on board and proven efficient drivetrain, coupled with the robust construction specifications of the truck chassis by SANY, the feedback from customers in the UK and from further afield has been positive. SANY eTrucks, supported by Putzmeister in the UK, is working closely with other truck builders in providing affordable solutions to truck builders and end customers in electrifying their existing truck fleets. Later in 2024, a SANY eTruck with a Tipper body for the UK market will also be unveiled. In 2025 and beyond, other truck types will also be introduced to the EU and UK markets, as SANY eTrucks plans to broaden its ‘battery electric’ offering to the market at an affordable price/competitive specification for the best ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ calculations. SANY eTruck / Putzmeister IONTRON eMixer “We are proud to be a partner in our industry’s biggest trade exhibition in the UK.” Safety comes first Demand for expert advice has never been more sought after in the commercial vehicle sector, as hauliers respond to a rising number of compliance requirements. Importantly, commercial vehicle operators are determined to put safety at the forefront of their operations, according to recent data from the Department for Transport, with vans and trucks now a third less likely to be involved in a collision per billion miles travelled than the average vehicle – while truck collision rates have more than halved over the past decade. Such progress is in no small part thanks to advancements in vehicle design and assistance technology, and the CV Show 2024 will once again bring world-leading vehicle brands to demonstrate their new truck and van safety equipment, such as cameras, reversing aids, telematics, braking systems and tyre management. Emma Thompson, Head of Business Operations of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) on behalf of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers, said: “The CV Show plays a pivotal role in the scene of transport initiatives that allow the operators and owners of trucks, and the providers of maintenance, to look ahead to achieving efficiency, reducing emissions and improvement in safety in an arena that reflects the importance of road transport to the nation. “Large or small, road transport vehicles are an integral part of the economy. The CV Show allows all associated with transport a window to look into the future, and how best to be safe and compliant.”