Truck and Track Spring 2024

Truck and Track Spring 2024 64 DANGEROUS GOODS The site/operational Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) involvement is essential. There are several resources available from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) related to managing Fire and Explosion risks and hazards, which can be accessed below: And you need to ensure you understand DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) which can be accessed below: This article is written in good faith and not comprehensive, nor site/vehicle specific; so, you must check with your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (and) Engineering-Safety Teams to ensure you can avoid the risks and hazards associated with the carriage and storage of Flammable Liquids. We hope this article has prompted you to review your own transport operations when working with Class 3, Flammable Liquids. For assistance in managing risks inherent in the carriage and storage of dangerous goods, feel free to contact Adler and Allan ( or call the following professionals direct – Specialist Engineering James Fox Direct Tel: 07787 225 899 email: Emergency Response Mathew Perkins Direct Tel: 07917 105 187 email: Hazardous Materials Ali Karim Direct: 07749 491 906 email: Pipeline Services Chris Meakin Direct Tel: 07749 491 986 email: Managing Hazardous Waste Patrick Tamsett Direct Tel: 07935 500 981 email: Environmental Protection Shirley Miles Direct Tel: 07874 865 386 email: Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Services Bill Atkinson Mobile: 07525 101836 email: or Logistics Professionals in the Dangerous Good Sector > ADR 2023 Books, Regulatory Compliance, Documentation & Labelling Richard Shreeve of Labeline Tel: 07825 748962 email: Dangerous Goods Training Services Bob Carter of Cargo Training International Ltd Tel: 01932 769682 Fax: 01932 771475 email: ADR Logistics throughout Scotland John McLellan email: Tel: 0141 771 9911 ADR Logistics throughout the UK and Mainland Europe John Donovan Tel: 01384 221 642 email: OR Hazchem Network Director Gary Cane (England, Wales & Ireland) Tel: 07909 685 628 email: and © Ali Karim Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide caught fire due to exposure to direct sunlight TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TOALLPORTS GROUP