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Truck and Track Spring 2024 60 DANGEROUS GOODS And finally, what non-compliances do you typically encounter during transport inspections? The most common non-compliances relate to: ■ IRR17 transport radiation risk assessments: ● not having suitable and sufficient, or any IRR17 transport radiation risk assessments ● not reflecting the actual radioactive material transported ● focusing on physical carriage only and not including all aspects of transport (packing, loading, in-transit storage, unloading) ● not including the content required by IRR17 Approved Code of Practice paragraphs 70 and 71 ● not making clear conclusions about which kind of emergency arrangements are required to be produced, CDG09 emergency plans or IRR17 contingency plans ■ Inadequate CDG emergency plans and IRR17 contingency plans: ● not being clear which kind of plan they are, CDG09 emergency plans or IRR17 contingency plans ● limited to initial driver actions only ● not describing the actions of individuals receiving emergency phone calls from drivers ● not including detail of how consignors will provide a radiation protection response to accident scenes to retrieve packages ● not reflecting the required content of CDG emergency plans ● not being tested and reviewed ● tests of CDG09 emergency plans not being reported to ONR, as required by CDG ■ Appointment of Safety Advisers: ● not having or appointing suitably experienced Radiation Protection Advisers* or Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers ● not acting upon the advice of Radiation Protection Advisers or Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers ■ Inadequate management systems: ● documents not included within a management system ● documents being past review dates ● documents reflecting out-of-date legislation ■ Inadequate training records: ● required training and refresher training not documented ● training or refresher training records not held ● individuals past refresher training due dates *The ONR website ( is a mine of information, regulations and interesting articles, some of which have been referenced above. About Labeline… Worldwide, Labeline International has maintained its position as the leading authorised distributor for the regulations covering the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, sea and air. As the only authorised reseller in UK and Ireland for all modes of transport, Labeline is at the forefront of compliance when it comes to dangerous goods and stocks 1,000’s of UN, IMO, IATA and ICAO publications. Labeline, for all your Dangerous Goods compliance needs: For more information visit: Order online 24-7 Phone: 0870 850 5051 Order today — delivered tomorrow Regulations and Publications Packaging Labels Placards Software Documents and Forms Packaging Chemical Regulations and GHS Training Consultancy and DGSA Services Events