Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 55 SAFETY & SECURITY be securely tested to ensure compliance with all necessary requirements.” In response to this new initiative, Vision UK has developed its Vulnerable Road User Detection (VRUD) system which embraces 3600 recording technology to conform to the TFL, FORS and CLOCS Progressive Safe System requirements. This system features an extreme duty 7” Monitor and HD Cameras that provide the highest levels of durability with best possible image quality. This DVR is enabled with 3600 Vulnerable Road User Detection capability to meet the Moving Off Information System and Blind Spot Detection requirements of the Progressive Safe System. The DVR is supplied complete with a 1 TByte SSD which will typically provide over 200 hours of video recording. MOIS (Moving Off Information System) To meet the MOIS requirement, Vision UK recommends that vehicles are fitted with the company’s MOIS front camera and VRUD recognition provided by the DVR. This not only detects pedestrians within the detection zone but also warns the driver of VRUs who are in the path of the vehicle when it pulls off. BSIS (Blind Spot Information System) To comply with BSIS, Vision UK recommends using the company’s dedicated VRUD camera in conjunction with the DVR VRUD. This camera is faster responding and has a longer detecting distance than the DVR which is necessary to ensure that the system reliably meets the BSIS technical requirements. Vision UK offers a range of proven technologies to ensure compliance with PSS requirements. The company’s preferred solution is to use its latest generation DVRs with integral Vulnerable Road User Detection (VRUD) supplemented by its dedicated VRUD cameras. On articulated vehicles, the dedicated VRUD camera will also detect VRUs over the whole length of the trailer. In welcoming the implementation of PSS, Danny Warren said, “As a company, we are widely recognised for introducing stateof-the-art technologies to improve safety for all road users and pedestrians. Our overriding objective is to ensure that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – particularly vulnerable road users – can go about their business in complete safety. “With the new ‘Progressive safe system’ requirements coming into effect from October 2024, it is a very exciting time for the industry. Not only will the new system benefit the drivers themselves, but it will make all road users much safer going about their day to day lives. Vision UK have a variety of options which will meet the PSS requirements. We offer upgrades on existing kits, as well as brand new systems with our newly launched DVRs. “Also, we are encouraging our new and existing customers to have liveview DVRs in their vehicles. The benefits of the liveview platform are that users can remotely dial in to their vehicles anywhere and view live footage, track a vehicle and download footage using their PCs without needing to remove the recording device from the vehicle.”