Truck and Track Spring 2024

Buy Rent Lease Contract Hire The leading hub trailer for safety, offering maximum cubic capacity & loading efficiency. Standard options: 19.5 BPW Drum Brake Knor Bremse EBS Braking Trucklite Din Lighting Mesh ‘Visi’ Decks 2pr Of Load Restraint Tracks 26 Load Restraint Straps Phenolic Mesh Flooring Load Rating Curtains Configuration: 600mm Eco Curve as standard Top Step Left Clear Lower Step 3 Fixed Decks Unique ENXL Rating with Standard Curtain and Inner Net System Tel: 01543 420121 The MAXiDEKbodywork is designed to assist the operator in managing load restraint & increasing visibility around the trailer. MAXiDEKallows clear loading space for the complete upper and lower decks, ensuring safe and quick loading, reducing damage and increased efficiency. Dimensional data: Overall height 4870mm Overall length 13,600mm Overall width 2550mm Lower deck 2200mm Upper deck 1535mm Rear ‘Visibility Bulkhead’ as standard Continuous load restraint tracks Dek net ready, tracks already fitted. Trailer Why MAXIDEK Bodywork Health & Safety By using standard curtains this improves the weight and bulk the driver has to work with. Ease of Operation Using standard netting along with standard curtains allows the curtains and nets to roll freely offering less pull resistance with more foldaway flex. Quick Operation Less resistance and lighter curtains allows for the open/close procedure to be more efficient. Improved Stowage After the settling period by using standard curtains and nets this will enable full stowage at the rear to give clear deck loading areas, improving Hub operation safety and less damage. by by INTRODUCING ENXL‘Lite Weight’ Curtain & Inner Net System