Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 41 PALLET NETWORKS A year in the making, Pall-Ex Group’s ETA software brings artificial intelligence into the world of freight distribution to provide its customers with a two-hour delivery window for its palletised freight. Market demand for ETAs within the palletised freight distribution sector has hugely increased over the last few years after becoming customary for parcel deliveries. With customer demand for this service rising, Pall-Ex Group has invested in the teams and the technology to meet these changing expectations. Working with transport optimisation specialists, The Algorithm People, Pall-Ex Group’s best-in-class tracking capabilities will use AI to generate an accurate delivery window, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient service for customers and goods recipients. Director at LHT Logistics, Ben Ruby, a Pall-Ex Group shareholder member, commented on the new technology, saying: “The more it grows and the more the AI picks up in the background, the slicker the technology is going to get. It is a two-hour delivery window now but that is only going to get smaller and more accurate as time goes on.” Two-hour delivery windows bring a multitude of benefits to members, customers and goods recipients alike, embracing innovation to improve transparency and increase customer satisfaction. Customers and members will spend less time answering phone calls and manually tracking consignments, and goods recipients will have a much smaller delivery window for their freight, meaning they will no longer have to stay at home all day waiting for their delivery. Lewis Cunningham from Luxury Flooring and Furnishings, a Pall-Ex Group customer, commented: “The ETA tracking will provide our customers with more clarity regarding their delivery and give them more visibility and confidence. We expect this to reduce the number of customer enquiries and improve the overall customer experience.” The introduction of timed delivery windows is an important step for the business, complementing the significant changes it has implemented over the previous year, including expanding its range of pallet dimensions and introducing the new-to-market parcel pallet. Barry Byers, UK Managing Director at Pall-Ex Group, commented: “Launching accurate ETAs to our valued customers is a significant milestone for Pall-Ex Group and supports our ongoing commitment to increasing efficiency, improving transparency and delivering excellence. “The technology was developed in response to evolving customer demands, ensuring we are able to meet and exceed the level of service our customers have come to expect.” Pall-Ex Group launches two-hour delivery windows on all consignments Watford-based haulier Davisoft Freight has joined the Fortec Distribution network as a shareholder member to strengthen its service offering and continue its growth within the industry. Founded in 2019, Davisoft Freight has built a reputation for providing customers with a reliable and efficient 3PL service, offering specialised services in Watford and the surrounding areas. The leadership team boasts a wealth of logistics experience and a proven track record of success within the industry. Since its founding, Davisoft Freight has been awarded the Bronze FORS accreditation as a testament to employing good practice and compliance within the business. Its main expertise lies in freight distribution, specialising in multi-drop deliveries, time-sensitive shipments plus distribution and fulfilment services. By becoming a shareholder member of Fortec, Davisoft Freight can expand their service offering both nationally and internationally, with access to every postcode across the UK and robust international partnerships. The commercial benefits of joining the Fortec network include access to the widest range of pallet sizes in the industry and the ability to provide two-hour delivery windows to customers using Pall-Ex Group’s ETA system. Andreaa Stefan, Director at Davisoft Freight, comments on the decision to join Fortec: “Becoming a shareholder member of Fortec Distribution is a great opportunity for us and means we can align our goals with the long-term success and growth of the network. This allows us to contribute to Fortec’s success whilst also benefitting from the operational advantages of a strong and unified network.” Operating out of their warehousing in Kings Langley, Herefordshire, Davisoft Freight will be covering the WD postcode area for Fortec. Darren Batty, Regional Director for Fortec, comments: “It’s great to strengthen our network services with the addition of Davisoft Freight, as they work with us to streamline the distribution services we can offer customers in Watford and the surrounding areas. Working with quality hauliers is integral to the success of our network and, with their customer-centric approach and consistently high service levels, the company are already demonstrating their ambition to succeed. We are looking forward to a successful future working together.” Davisoft Freight becomes newest shareholder member of Fortec Distribution TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TOALLPORTS GROUP