Truck and Track Spring 2024

Truck and Track Spring 2024 32 FUEL MANAGEMENT Navigating the UK’s Analogue Phone Line Phase-Out: Merridale Ltd’s Solution The impending switch-off of analogue phone lines in the UK by 2025 has triggered a significant shift in the landscape of communication technologies With this transition, customers utilising dial-up communication for fuel management systems face a crucial decision: upgrade or replace their equipment. The Analogue-to-Digital Transition The UK’s decision to retire analogue phone lines is a part of a global trend to modernise communication infrastructure. As technology evolves, analogue systems are being phased out in favour of more efficient and versatile digital alternatives. However, this change poses a challenge for systems relying on traditional dial-up methods, particularly fuel management systems essential for various industries. Merridale Ltd’s Innovative Solution Amid this transition, Merridale Ltd emerges as a proactive solution provider. Recognising the urgency and impact of the ‘big switch off’. Merridale offers a timely and effective resolution for customers grappling with the need to adapt their fuel management systems. Upgrading Existing Merridale Fuel Management Systems Merridale Ltd presents a viable upgrade path for its existing customers. The company’s solution involves integrating the latest GPRS technology into their fuel management systems. By seamlessly incorporating GPRS into their systems, Merridale ensures continued functionality and connectivity while futureproofing their equipment for the digital era. Replacement Options for Third-Party Systems For those with third-party fuel management systems facing obsolescence, Merridale Ltd extends a compelling alternative. Customers confronted with the need for system replacement can consider a new Merridale fuel management system at a discounted rate. This incentive encourages a seamless transition to Merridale’s cutting-edge fuel management systems, equipped with GPRS technology and designed for integration with their web-based software Merridale FuelWorks. Benefits of Merridale’s Solutions 1. Future-Proof Technology: Upgrading to GPRS technology ensures compatibility and functionality in a digital landscape, mitigating risks associated with obsolescence. 2. Seamless Integration: Merridale’s solutions seamlessly integrate with their web-based software, providing an intuitive and comprehensive fuel management experience. 3. Cost-Efficiency: The discounted rates for system replacements in support of this project, present a cost-effective opportunity for customers facing the analogue switch-off. 4. Web-based Software: Merridale FuelWorks brings many benefits to the end user, which include – ■ Access from anywhere with any standard web browser. ■ Customisable, flexible reporting with unlimited scheduled reporting. Helpdesk services & telephone training The transition from analogue to digital communication infrastructures necessitates proactive measures from industries reliant on legacy systems. Merridale Ltd’s timely response and innovative solutions offer customers a smooth transition, ensuring uninterrupted fuel management operations while embracing the advancements of digital technology. As the ‘big switch off’ approaches, Merridale’s commitment to providing upgraded technology or replacement options stands as a beacon for industries navigating this transformative period. For businesses affected by the upcoming analogue switch-off, Merridale Ltd emerges as a reliable partner, offering not just solutions but a pathway towards continued efficiency and technological advancement in fuel management systems. To find out how Merridale can support your business, contact the sales team on 01902 350700 or visit