Truck and Track Spring 2024

Truck and Track Spring 2024 30 FUEL MANAGEMENT Applegates celebrate 15 years of Merridale reliability and service Following a decade and a half of dependable service, Applegates Coaches of Gloucestershire have praised the reliability and performance of their Merridale systems and see no signs of it ending soon. “We’ve had our Merridale system since 2008 and I can think of only two occasions when it has failed in some way. Merridale had it back up and running both times within a day. I cannot fault the system or service at all and until I have no other choice, I have no desire to get rid of it.” exclaimed Applegates managing director, Ceri Taylor. The Newport-based business, which has been operating day trips and European tours since it was established by Frank Applegate in 1967, first invested in their Merridale system 15 years ago when they installed a Merridale Auditor GS pump with built-in management system and Merridale’s Fuel FX reporting software. These same systems have remained in place ever since, with the help of regular inspections and services. With all Merridale products designed in-house to achieve a minimum life of 10 years, there is no compromise on build quality. The housing units on Merridale’s products are designed to ensure that internal components are easily accessible for maintenance and repair, as well as being easy to upgrade rather than having to replace the whole system. In fact, Applegates Coaches have recently had an upgrade to their 2008 system, so that it now monitors and controls their Adblue pump whilst still utilising the same vehicle identifiers and software. For several years Merridale have offered comprehensive inspection and calibration services. The full inspection is under constant review to ensure that it continues to meet fully the needs of the marketplace and can form part of your annual DSEAR report and full site risk assessment. This service has been expanded over the years to cope with the increased demand and is now carried out by a dedicated team, fully trained and equipped to complete these inspections quickly and efficiently. For each inspection, customers will receive a detailed multipoint inspection document detailing the results of the inspection, including any readjustments to meters and identifying where improvements are needed or recommended. This report can also include observations regarding the general condition of your tank and gauging equipment. Merridale Inspection and calibration services can be purchased in a few ways. This can include purchase on an ad-hoc basis, on a programmed basis, or as an add-on to the extended warranty scheme offered by Merridale. For the latter option, discounts will apply which includes no application of traveling time and costs. For further details, or to discuss and receive a no-obligation quotation specific to your needs, please contact the Merridale Contracts department on 01902 350700. means that the level of uncertainty in the accuracy of the data is increased due to inevitable human error and, subsequently, performance figures are thrown astray. To solve this, leaders in fuel management and monitoring solutions, Merridale Ltd, introduced the world to a gamechanging innovation that’s transforming the way we monitor vehicle performance and fuel consumption. With Merridale Transponders vehicle odometer readings are captured effortlessly and with remarkable accuracy. This ingenious technology is making waves across the industry, and for good reason. These devices capture odometer readings with pinpoint precision, leaving no room for manual error or manipulation. They take the odometer reading directly from the vehicle so you can trust that the data is always reliable and ensure you have a clear picture of your vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption. National Sales Manager for Merridale, Paul Russell comments, “The transponders really are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they ensure accurate and reliable performance data when used alongside a Merridale fuel management solution, but they will also save the customer precious time and money on having to identify and then administer incorrect data. Every single time we test transponders during our initial configuration visits, we get 100% accuracy. So, for us, it’s a product we are extremely proud of and, for the end user, a product that ensures confidence in the data.” The reliable data then allows for timely decision-making, better route planning, and more efficient fuel management. No more waiting for drivers to submit their readings; you get instant access to the data you need. The benefits of accurate and real-time odometer readings extend beyond fuel management. You can use this data to optimise vehicle maintenance schedules, track depreciation, and improve overall fleet performance. The possibilities are endless when you have the right information at your fingertips. Efficient fuel management isn’t just about saving money; it’s also about reducing your environmental footprint. Merridale Transponders empower customers to implement more eco-friendly practices by optimising fuel consumption and reducing emissions. By having such accurate information to hand, fleet managers can act very quickly on variances in the data, they can pinpoint whether a vehicle needs a maintenance check or whether a change in driver has affected the mpg and maybe training is required. You might think that such advanced technology would be difficult to integrate into your existing fleet management system, but that’s not the case with Merridale. Their transponders are designed for seamless integration, ensuring a smooth transition into more efficient fuel management. With training and onsite assistance available, installing transponders is simple and speedy. It’s time to leave the manual odometer readings behind and embrace the digital era of transportation. Merridale Transponders are not just a solution; they’re a revolution. By investing in these state-of-the-art devices, you’re investing in a future where fuel management is easier, more efficient, and more environmentally responsible. To find out how a Merridale solution could benefit your business, contact the sales team on 01902 350700 or