Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 29 FUEL MANAGEMENT Merridale Transponders Are Revolutionising Fuel Management In the fast-paced world of modern transportation, every drop of fuel counts. Whether you’re a fleet manager or an individual vehicle owner, the key to success lies in fuel management. The quest to efficiently manage fuel consumption has been a perpetual challenge for anyone in the transportation industry. Traditionally, keeping track of vehicle performance and fuel consumption has been a manual, time-consuming, and often inaccurate process. Odometer readings were the lynchpin of this endeavour but logging them accurately and consistently proved to be a daunting task. Taking a visual reading from the vehicle and then entering it manually via a keypad at the fuel management system has been the common approach for many years. Of course, this Copelands Tours Make the Switch to Merridale A leading Midlands coach hire company has recently praised Merridale’s FuelWorks for its usability after deciding to switch from another company’s system. Copelands Tours, who are one of the largest coach operators in North Staffordshire, invested in a Merridale MX-I complete fuel management package after losing confidence with their existing pump. With a fleet of 28 coaches refilling around 38,000 litres of diesel a month, they needed a replacement they could rely on. Howard Jones of Copelands said, “We only had our last system for about five years before it started going wrong. We hadn’t been overwhelmed by it anyway but when the actual pump packed in, we knew we needed something else. Merridale stood out to us as the frontrunner and our experience with them has been excellent. Installation was so much quicker and easier than I imagined.” Built to be the complete solution in commercial fuelling and designed to meet strict ATEX standards, the Merridale MX-I integrates the intelligence and control of Merridale’s MX-M fuel management system with the reliable performance of the Merridale MX-P pump in a single cabinet. Having both systems in one robust unit makes it an ideal and cost-effective solution for fleet operators with limited space. A driver for Copelands, who regularly uses the pump to refuel, said “Without putting the previous system down, you can really tell the difference in quality with the Merridale kit. It feels much more robust and capable of heavy usage. For example, the MX-I has a sturdy metal keypad that you can actually feel working, the old system had a very temperamental touch pad that was horrible to use with gloves on.” The integrated fuel management system gives fleet operators the benefit of using Merridale’s FuelWorks web-based software to measure fuel usage, vehicle performance, driver efficiency and environmental impact. Howard also said, “Switching to Merridale also opened us up to reporting which we’d never had before. We’ve only had the software for a month so far, so I’ve not had the full FuelWorks experience yet but it’s ticking all the boxes. The previous system was a simple fuel dispenser without any reporting capabilities at all, so now we can not only see who’s used the pump and when but also vital data such as stock levels and mpgs which is brilliant.” Merridale FuelWorks is the choice of many large fleet operators and local authorities, with over 1400 sites already in the UK. Each week more fleet operators switch to Merridale FuelWorks, taking advantage of this low-cost subscription-based service, securely hosted by Merridale. The ability of Merridale FuelWorks to be accessed through a web browser on any device gives the user complete flexibility and accessibility, eliminating the need for any software to be installed on office computers. This means that users can access the vital data they require, from anywhere, at any time. Merridale FuelWorks can also monitor tank levels and predict low stock, sending email alerts as needed. The software has been designed in-house by Merridale to be as user-friendly as possible, without sacrificing any functionality. Merridale also offers unrivalled levels of support and training, with initial training being available remotely, and a help desk on hand to offer ongoing support. Other features include secure encrypted HTTPS connections, multiple users across multiple sites, real-time capabilities, a range of reporting features (including fuel, cost, vehicle and driver performance, and environmental impact), tank stock reconciliation and costing, stock low prediction and email alerts. Fleet operators who wish to upgrade existing Merridale equipment to use FuelWorks need not worry about replacing existing hardware to do so. Merridale can upgrade most existing systems to make them compatible with FuelWorks, no matter how old the system is. To find out how Merridale FuelWorks could benefit your company, contact Merridale on 01902 350 700 or visit