Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 25 INTERMODAL TRANSPORT SOFTWARE Auto Scheduling 3.0 With an intelligent journey planning system, we can make the step to transport planning 3.0. With such a system, planners can partly automate their work. For example, they can project the orders on a digital map and then create their own journeys, with the system checking whether all restrictions are met and the maximum loading capacity is not exceeded (semi-automatic scheduling). They can also opt for fully automatic scheduling. In that case, these are advanced algorithms that distribute the orders over the journeys and create a plan proposal after pressing a button. Automatic scheduling has many advantages. Planners are ready earlier, make fewer mistakes and don’t forget restrictions. Because the algorithms can calculate many more possibilities in a few seconds than the planners in a few hours, automatic scheduling leads to a higher load factor and therefore a higher profit margin. Last but not least: partly because restrictions and other clever things are recorded in the system as much as possible, the dependence on the knowledge and experience of the planners is less. In other words, if a planner drops out for whatever reason, then their knowledge and experience will remain available. Planners are still needed What does that mean for the role of the planners in the transport company? It will remain the same size as before. Blindly relying on the plan proposal that the algorithms produce is undesirable. There are exceptions to the rules and restrictions laid down in the planning system almost every day. It is the task of the planners to check the plan proposal for those exceptions. In addition, the planners know differently from the algorithms where there is room for manoeuvre to further refine and improve the plan proposal. Because the planning time decreases, they have more time for optimisation. That can save a few per cent in efficiency every day. And every per cent counts. We have an extensive product portfolio and would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. +44 (0) 121 585 6633 OptiFlow SaaS Route Optimisation PTV Axylog Real-time transportation visibility platform PTV Route Optimiser Route Optimisation & Scheduling PTV Developer Next Generation Location Service APIs PTV Map&Guide Truck Route Planning & Calculation PTV Navigator Professional Truck Navigation