Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 17 CULINA GROUP iFORCE — Specialists in e-commerce logistics, providing end-to-end solutions for online retailers, iForce focuses on optimising the e-commerce supply chain, from order fulfilment to returns management with its own unique in-house technology structure. IPS — Solutions provided by IPS cover a range of industries, supporting clients in meeting their supply chain and fulfilment objectives. Services include — Co-Packing, Co-Filling, and CoManufacturing Solutions. Through 200 Packing Lines, 500 million Units and 100 million cases are produced yearly. THE LOGISTICS PEOPLE — Staffing solutions for the logistics sector, addressing workforce needs through recruitment and workforce management services. Logistics People specialises in the recruitment of drivers, warehousing, security and cleaning staff. CULINA ASSET MANAGEMENT — Management and optimisation of Culina Group assets. Culina Asset Management ensures efficient utilisation of resources to enhance overall operational performance. This involves procurement and disposal of all Group trucks, trailers and MHE, and management of over 15,000 Culina Group Assets. The Culina Group’s growth in the 3PL logistics industry reflects its commitment to excellence, innovation and client satisfaction. “Our Group commitment to technological advancement is highlighted by our investments in the development of artificial intelligence, data analytics and automation,” said Thomas. “These technologies are improving efficiency and accuracy across all our logistics operations. Quality assurance is a key focus for us as a business, with stringent standards and continuous improvement processes implemented throughout each supply chain. Client partnerships are cultivated and maintained through customised logistics solutions, fostering long term, indeed often very long term, relationships.” Culina Group is well positioned for sustained consistent growth over the next decade and beyond. Logistics Sector Industrial Support Services INTERNATIONAL ROAD FERRY — Specialists in unaccompanied transport between Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. International Road Ferry works with 140 subcontractors across the UK and internationally, and handle over 30,000 full loads per year.