Truck and Track Spring 2024 Spring 2024 Truck and Track 15 CULINA GROUP Now at Thirty – Culina Group is in the top three! CULINA LOGISTICS — As a cornerstone brand, Culina Logistics focuses on providing integrated supply chain solutions for food and drink products that require strict refrigerated temperatures. FOWLER WELCH — Specialising in Fresh Produce Logistics Solutions, Fowler Welch is a key player in the Chilled 3PL sector. Fowler Welch excels in providing time critical solutions for growers, retailers and manufacturers. CML — Integrated supply chain solutions are provided to discount retailers by CML for food and drink products that require strict refrigerated temperatures. MMi – MMi is a partnership within which Culina Group manages the distribution operation for Muller Milk & Ingredients. Chilled 3PL Solutions Now in its 30th year in business, the growth of the Culina Group of Companies is a fantastic logistics success story. Aside from the Royal Mail and global player DHL Supply Chain, Culina Group is now the biggest logistics company in the UK. Still a private company under the ultimate ownership of the Muller family, it’s a business that now turns over more than £2.2 billion per year, employs over 22,000 people, operates over 20 million square feet of warehousing and a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles and 9,000 trailers. Founded in 1994 by Group CEO Thomas Van Mourik, the group has seen huge expansion since its inception as a business originally established solely to provide UK wide distribution services for Muller Dairies. The Culina Group originated with a commitment to delivering efficient high quality logistics solutions focused on the food and drink sector in the United Kingdom, to meet the evolving needs of its clients. “Culina has seen substantial growth, expanding both services and geographical reach”, said Thomas Van Mourik, “With a focus on tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, irrespective of their size, Culina invests in technology to enhance visibility, accuracy and operational efficiency.” “Furthermore, we implement green initiatives, including energyefficient warehouses and eco-friendly transportation solutions, and maintain the highest standards through rigorous quality control measures.” The Culina Group is now neatly split into three business sectors, with associated business unit brands collectively forming each comprehensive and diversified portfolio of logistics services. From temperature-controlled solutions to ambient logistics and industrial support services, the Culina Group remains committed to delivering tailored and efficient logistics solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. Thomas Van Mourik