Truck and Track Spring 2023 Spring 2023 Truck and Track 9 BUSINESS NEWS Now the show was a number of years ago, and on an American Sedan, so this experiment would need to be updated with UK vehicles with new updated mpg. Some vans are now achieving 50+ mpg which would provide enormous savings to fleet operators if the efficiency was still an 8% gain. The cost of keeping vehicles clean Obviously there is a cost to keeping vehicles clean, but it is not as much as you would think! We work with over 30,000 fleet vehicles across the UK which gives us a good insight into how much fleets spend on vehicle washing. Through our network of 350 hand car washes, on average it costs £12.80 per external van wash. Therefore one wash per month would mean you would spend £150 per vehicle per year keeping them clean. Saving you £170 per vehicle in total from the fuel saving! The hidden cost to uncontrolled vehicle washing Up to this point, you may not have worried about you vehicle cleaning, and may have even left it up to your drivers to maintain their company vehicle. But it is worth considering the cost to the business of you doing that. Maybe your drivers clean their vehicles on a Friday afternoon back at home, wasting company time that could have been used on profit making activities. Maybe they never wash their vehicle at all, which is terrible for your business brand and first impression of the customers they visit. Maybe they claim it on expenses, another terrible waste of business time taken up with expenses claims, receipts and petty cash. Or finally they use their fuel cards to pay at jet washes. Well as many of your drivers will tell you, the landscape of this has changed, using a jet wash or an automatic car wash at a petrol station is no longer an easy option. Covid changed most jet washes contactless, which fuel cards are not compatible with, and automatic car washes are often not owned or operated by the company running the fuel station, so where do you pay? All in all, money lost driving around just trying to find somewhere that even will wash your vehicle! Looking for a fully controllable solution to your fleet washing? If any of the above sounded like something that you may have with your fleet, then we can certainly help you. What is more, our account is really light touch, there are no contracts, no costs to join, you can simply give it a go, and leave whenever you want. The GoWash Fleet Account is the first of its kind, a national fleet washing account which is managed through an online portal, giving you control over your fleet washing but also making it easy for your drivers to go get washed. The GoWash Fleet Account provides you with: ■ National coverage - accepted at over 350 hand car and van washes and growing! If there are any areas you need more coverage, no problem, we can add more car washes quickly! ■ Spend control - set limits on amounts your drivers can spend and how often! ■ One account, one invoice - A completely digital process, removes paperwork, expense claims, receipts and petty cash. Just one weekly invoice. ■ All vehicles covered! - The sites on our network can wash anything up to 3.5T, so you can add all of your company vans and cars and keep them clean while out on the road! ■ Every washing need - we can help with all sorts of washing requirements, from just quick washes to full valets for endof-life vehicles for driver change-overs, we do it all! ■ Mobile washing - we also have a network of mobile valeters through the app, so if you need vehicle washing to come to you, we can also sort that! Read more about our fleet account here - Try the account free for 1 month! Exclusive to Truck and Track readers, try the GoWash Fleet Account free for a month! Simply sign up online and enter ‘Truck and Track’ when asked how you heard about GoWash. We will automatically set your account to 0% for the first month. After this time you will be moved to our standard 5% surcharge.