Truck and Track Spring 2023 Spring 2023 Truck and Track 69 COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SHOW 2023 Vehicle Inspection Pit Totalkare is a growing presence in the vehicle inspection pit market and will be showcasing a section of prefabricated steel pit as part of their display at the CV Show. Fabricated to order in lengths to suit workshop requirements, the pits feature fully-braced external walls of 5mm thick welded recessed steel pressing, with a 6mm thick pressed durbar floor which is sloped slightly towards a central sump for effective drainage. As with the in-ground brake tester and in-ground lift, Totalkare can manage all related civil works and installation. In-ground Lift The newest addition to Totalkare’s range of vehicle lifting products, the in-ground lift can be configured with up to eight lifting columns, each with a lifting capacity of 15,000kg. The advantage of the in-ground lift over other models is the ability to lift vehicles obstruction-free, allowing operatives greater access to all parts of the vehicle being raised. Tyre Changer Popular additions to the company’s portfolio in 2022, Totalkare’s range of tyre changers facilitates the swift and hassle-free removal and replacement of tyres and wheel servicing. Often purchased alongside a wheel balancer and wheel alignment, they make light work of repetitive tasks in the workshop, automating much of the process to reduce physical strain on operatives. “The CV Show remains a key event in Totalkare’s calendar – meeting new customers and catching up with existing ones to showcase our ever-expanding portfolio of commercial vehicle workshop equipment is always a highlight for us and we expect 2023’s Show to be no different,” said Steve Braund, Marketing Manager at Totalkare.