Truck and Track Spring 2023

Truck and Track Spring 2023 64 SAFETY & SECURITY Pedestal mount Trigger wires for auto switching of individual cameras Selectable Reversing Grid Picture adjustable in horizontal, vertical and mirror orientations Clip on sun visor Remote control Type Approved and RoHS certified Waterproof AV connectors on Monitor RVM-550 Rear View System for Tail Lift Box Vans. This reverse camera system features our integrated work light and rear view camera and is an ideal choice for van based tail lift box vans. The system includes the M-500 (5”) Monitor, HDC-6000 Camera and a 15 M AV Lead. Key Monitor Features: 5 inch (4:3) Digital Colour TFT Monitor Compatible with 600TVL cameras only Two AV inputs with individual trigger wires Buttons on top of housing to minimise size Provides individual regulated 12V supply to camera through AV Lead Pedestal mount Selectable Reversing Grid Sun visor Remote control Type approved and RoHS certified Camera Features: This 600TVL camera with integrated work light is type approved as a camera, revering light and high level brake light It has been specifically designed for tail lift vehicles providing a home delivery or high street delivery service, and for any vehicle where the operator needs good illumination to work safely around the vehicle at night. The camera integrates 6 x CREE White LED’s providing 9000 lumen which can be activated by a switch for manual operation and can be connected to the reverse light circuit to provide maximum visibility when reversing. As an additional safety feature, the camera also integrates high level brake lights. So, if you are delivering to residential or high street addresses, the HDC-6000 Integrated Camera and Work light could be exactly what you are looking for. Global road death and casualty statistics Road death and injury causes devastation to millions of people around the world, every year. Every road death and injury is a preventable tragedy but sadly the number of incidents around the globe continues to climb. Road deaths ■ There are 1.35 million road deaths every year. ■ Road deaths are the eighth highest cause of death for people of all ages. ■ Road deaths are the number one killer of those between the ages of 5-29. ■ Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists make up more than half of all road deaths (these road users are collectively known as vulnerable road users).