Truck and Track Spring 2023

Truck and Track Spring 2023 56 DANGEROUS GOODS And we have ATEX - the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres. Explosive atmospheres in the workplace can be caused by flammable gases, mists, or vapours or by combustible dusts. Explosions can cause loss of life and serious injuries as well as significant damage – more help from this link: And even if neither of those safety regulations apply to your depot/operational site (or if they do), then you must factor in the periodic EICR Test (Electrical Installation Condition Report). This report is an important part of being a property owner/ operator - it exists to ensure that all electrical installations in the property are in a safe and reliable condition and can be used without danger. Also remember that five-year statutory testing, as well as PAT (portable appliance testing) applies – all of which must be carried out by an accredited/qualified member of staff (or contractor). For help, including energy saving lighting on site electrical compliance: hazardous-area-electrical-works/ Preparing for Winter is also important: This information is provided in good faith and not exhaustive as each site will have its own specificity and requirements to ensure it complies with law as well as adhering to best practice within the logistics sector. Here is a case study: More information and help to ensure your operating centre or that of your logistics partners is in legal compliance to the movement of Dangerous Goods under ADR or Non-ADR – contact the following professionals as we’re here to help you navigate the regulations to ensure compliance. Technical/Industrial Chemistry Ali S Karim BSc FRSC CChem CSci Technical Hazmat Lead – Adler and Allan Ltd Emergency Response, Environmental Risk Reduction & Asset Management Tel: 0800 592 827 Direct Tel: 07749 491 906 email: Shirley Miles Head of Environmental Protection Services - Adler and Allan Ltd Emergency Response, Environmental Risk Reduction & Asset Management Tel: 0800 592 827 Direct Tel: 07874 865 386 email: Bill Atkinson Chief Scientific Advisor OHES Environmental Consultancy (a division of Adler and Allan Ltd) Tel: 0333 600 2424 DGSA Services, Environmental Risk Reduction & Technical Assistance Direct Tel: 07525 101836 email: Regulatory Compliance, Documentation & Labelling Richard Shreeve of Labeline Tel: 07825 748962 email: Training Services Bob Carter of Cargo Training International Ltd Tel: 01932 769682 Fax: 01932 771475 email: ADR Compliant Palletised Transport Providers Logistics throughout Scotland John McLellan of Keedwell Scotland Tel: 0141 771 9911 email: Logistics outside of Scotland and into Mainland Europe John Donovan of JJX Logistics Tel: 01384 221 642 email: Gary Cane of Hazchem Network (England, Wales & Ireland) Tel: 07909 685 628 email: and © A S Karim TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TOALLPORTS GROUP