Truck and Track Spring 2023

MOBILE SERVICE HGV, PSV, TRAILER and CRANE Wheel Alignment Specialists Key benefits of correct wheel alignment IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY Incorrect wheel alignment will increase the rolling resistance of a vehicle, since some 30% of its fuel is used to overcome tyre rolling resistance, and hence any small degree of misalignment will substantially increase fuel consumption. A saving of more than 5% is commonly achieved through correct wheel alignment. INCREASE IN TYRE LIFE Incorrect wheel alignment has a detrimental effect on the life of tyres – causing them to wear unevenly and prematurely and consequently affecting the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Correct wheel alignment will rectify this and can increase tyre life by over 20%. REDUCTION IN CO2 EMISSIONS There is growing pressure on governments, industry and transport to reduce CO2 emissions: this has given rise to more efficient engines, now up to Euro VI. However, if wheels are not correctly aligned, their efficiency is compromised, and the saving in fuel and potential for reduced CO2 emissions are forfeited. Furthermore most CO2 reduction strategies involve additional costs, whereas correct wheel alignment reduces harmful emissions in a self-funding manner. GREATER STEERING SAFETY & CONTROL If wheels are misaligned, that can cause a vehicle to veer left or right, demanding corrective steering by the driver and putting him and his rig under constant, unnecessary strain. Uneven tyres neither adhere well to the road surface nor handle efficiently. What is more, incorrect wheel alignment can put great stress on steering joints, wheel bearings and other steering components, reducing their effective lifespan. Tel: 01788 860 594