Truck and Track Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023 Truck and Track 47 CONTAINER HAULAGE marketplace can help. Getting access to quotes through an online marketplace can save your business costs related to sales and marketing, helping you focus on your core business. Hauliers can identify the right business, with separate load boards for spot loads and quoting opportunities on quarterly rates from shippers and forwarders. The BoxHaul platform is completely neutral and simplifies the procurement process for both sides of the market, ensuring speed and transparency, not only on the quotation but also on service levels. BoxHaul takes this concept a step further, enabling hauliers to gain credibility by setting up their haulier profile. Here, they can showcase their fleet and share their insurance credentials to speed up vetting. In fact, vetting new hauliers has been one of the main barriers for shippers to enter the spot market. As an added benefit, each haulier’s profile also has a fixed website address, useful for smaller hauliers who do not have an online presence yet. Improve your efficiency Not only do hauliers get access to new customers, but the platform’s algorithms will automatically identify relevant loads and container re-use opportunities. Our algorithms take into account the relevant factors, such as loading times, distances based on truck routes and estimated costs based on the latest fuel prices. Now, you can save time from checking Whatsapp and Facebook and only get notified about operationally feasible loads that would be profitable. The BoxHaul platform will identify container re-use in one of two ways, by either matching your existing load to a new spot request from a shipper, or by matching it for a load exchange from another haulier. In the latter case, you’ll be able to negotiate with the other haulier who will take the job and the revenue share involved. Secure Due to the nature of the interaction between hauliers, commercial sensitivity was a key concern that we have addressed. After adding your loads to the BoxHaul platform, or integrating your TMS, access to your loads is restricted to users from your company and our algorithms. Other companies are not able to see your loads. When we identify load matches or exchanges, we only share discreet information, such as the nearest town’s name. It’s then up to you to share more information about your loads with the other haulier, keeping you in full control of your business. Trustworthy Hauliers already collaborate with each other on load exchanges and reloads. However, this collaboration is generally limited to a smaller circle of people who trust each other. We manually cross-check all hauliers and shippers against their company information at Companies House, ensuring that only active companies, without irregularities, join the platform. This is followed up by a validation phone call to check the authenticity of the haulier and shipper, and obtain some necessary details about their business. We also take reliability seriously, in both aspects of operational performance and timely payment. As a managed marketplace, we monitor the performance of all hauliers and shippers on the platform to maintain the trustworthiness of all participants. Transaction information in terms of the proportion of missed payments and undelivered loads will be available on each haulier’s and shipper’s profile, so you know who you are dealing with. If certain performance measures are not adhered to, the haulier or shipper in question would be removed from the platform. Neutral Maintaining neutrality is one of BoxHaul’s key values. Our main aim is to help hauliers connect with shippers and identify win-win optimisations that help hauliers improve their margins. To create a successful marketplace, it’s ultimately down to the participants. If you’re a reliable and trustworthy partner, we’d love to have you onboard! We’re launching the platform on 1st October 2023, so please check us out and sign up on our website at BoxHaul is founded by industry experts, Saif Khalaf as Chief Executive Officer and Franco Basilico as Chief Technology Officer. Saif has over 12 years of experience in the container shipping industry, working at Maersk, ZIM and UASC across operations, pricing and strategy. For the past four years, he has been involved in logistics technology, having led the international expansion at Avantida and later founding three freight-tech companies. He is joined by Franco, who has over 10 years of experience in the technology industry, having developed applications at blue chip companies, such as the London Stock Exchange. Their joint experience makes them the perfect team to develop BoxHaul, the UK’s first container haulage marketplace. Left to right: BoxHaul co-founders Franco Basilico CTO and Saif Khalaf CEO