Truck and Track Autumn 2023

Truck and Track Autumn 2023 40 FUEL MANAGEMENT Cost Efficiency Fuel expenses can be a significant portion of a recovery company’s operational costs. Effective fuel management helps in minimising fuel consumption, which in turn reduces operational expenses and increases overall profitability. It is not uncommon for a business to save 4% or more per annum on their fuel bill after incorporating a fully consolidated fuel management solution, such as Merridale’s MX pumps, gauges, and fuel management systems utilising Merridale’s FuelWorks reporting software. Resource Allocation Recovery companies often have a fleet of vehicles that need to be dispatched for various recovery tasks. Proper fuel management ensures that vehicles are optimally allocated to jobs, taking into account vehicle type, the type of fuel they use and the mpg they achieve. A good fuel management system makes it easy to make these considerations very quickly, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption, inefficient routing, or poor performance. Merridale’s web-based FuelWorks is the software of choice when it comes to gathering, managing, and reporting accurate fuelling data to fleet operators in the UK. Merridale have developed their software with the ability to automatically produce, schedule and email these necessary reports to key personnel. Capabilities also include exception reports to help identify rogue performing vehicles. So, the fleet-operator is always in the best position to make the right choices. Service Reliability & Time Management Recovery operations are often time-sensitive, especially in cases of accidents or breakdowns on the road. Effective fuel management means that vehicles can reach their destinations without unnecessary stops for refuelling, saving precious time during critical operations. Efficient fuel management ensures that on-site storage tanks and recovery vehicles have adequate fuel levels before heading out for jobs. This helps prevent situations where a vehicle needs to stop to refill or even runs out of fuel during a recovery operation, causing delays and compromising customer satisfaction. A good tank management system, like Merridale’s MX-T, will include features such as stock level alerts and sudden-drop detection to prevent leaks or theft. Environmental Impact & Regulatory Compliance Reduced fuel consumption directly contributes to lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. Recovery companies can improve their environmental stewardship by using a professional fuel management system that enables them to monitor and act on their environmental impact. For some companies, there may be regulations or standards related to vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency. Adhering to these regulations is not only a legal requirement but also contributes to the company’s reputation as a responsible and compliant operation. The ability to produce FORS environmental impact reports as standard, makes Merridale’s FuelWorks software the application of choice when it comes to fuel management. Merridale have many customers who are FORS members and do benefit from FuelWorks’ extensive reporting features when they are required to produce specific environmental impact information across their vehicle fleet as part of their membership. Data-Driven Insights Fuel management systems provide data on fuel consumption patterns, driver behaviours, and vehicle efficiency. Analysing this data can help recovery companies identify areas for improvement, such as training drivers to adopt fuel-efficient habits, replacing vehicles that consistently consume excessive fuel or by simply servicing those vehicles that perform poorly. Customer Satisfaction Efficient fuel management indirectly impacts customer satisfaction. Timely and reliable recovery services reflect positively on the company’s professionalism and dedication, leading to better customer retention and potentially attracting new clients through positive word of mouth. To find out how a Merridale fuel management package could benefit your company, contact Merridale on 01902 350700 or visit Why is good fuel management important for recovery companies? Good fuel management is of paramount importance for recovery companies for several reasons: