Truck and Track Autumn 2023

Truck and Track Autumn 2023 36 INTERMODAL TRANSPORT SOFTWARE ■ Realistic consumption calculation ■ Comprehensive catalogue of Truck & Van EVs in Europe ■ Innovative EV truck routing and planning algorithms ■ Consideration of driving behaviour, elevations, temperature, and wind influences With the introduction of the EV Truck Route Planner, PTV Logistics is promoting the electrification of road transport. EV Truck Route Planner This online tool calculates suitable routes for every electric truck or van, considering factors such as the payload, weather conditions, and the vehicle’s battery capacity and age. Fleet managers can use this brand-independent route planner to determine which electric vehicle is best suited for their operations. Michael Hubschneider, Senior Product Manager at PTV Logistics, states, “With the EV Truck Route Planner, we aim to provide more transparency regarding the investment in an electric fleet.” Electrifying transportation Climate change poses significant challenges for the transportation sector. European governments are compelling fleet owners to achieve substantial reductions in their CO2 emissions through legislation and taxation measures. At the local level, low or zero-emission zones are increasingly being established, accessible only by electric vehicles. As a result, more and more companies are starting to electrify their transportation fleets. The adoption of electric vehicles poses new challenges for transportation planners and fleet managers. Which electric vehicles should I invest in? What charging infrastructure do I need? How will limited range affect my transportation operations and profitability? What is the impact of weather conditions and driving behaviour on energy consumption? “The new EV Truck Route Planner provides answers to these and other questions,” says Michael Hubschneider, Senior Product Manager at PTV Logistics. Largest database of commercial electric vehicles The EV Truck Route Planner is an easyto-use online tool. Transport planners can select the electric truck or van they want to use, enter the start, and end points of the route, as well as the payload weight and battery level at the start. With a single click, the tool calculates suitable routes for trucks, considering the current weather conditions and traffic situation. The result is an overview map showing the calculated route and the remaining battery level at the end of the journey. What makes the tool unique is the largest database in Europe containing available and upcoming electric trucks and vans on the market. Consequently, fleet managers can compare the performance of different models and determine which vehicle best suits their transport operations. Hubschneider says, “Public information about electric vehicles is often very limited. Therefore, we collaborate with vehicle manufacturers to gather the necessary data. In this way, we aim to provide more transparency regarding investment decisions.” Better results with digital twins The EV Truck Route Planner goes one step further. The tool uses manufacturers’ data to create a digital twin of each vehicle, providing a realistic representation of its behaviour under various conditions. Factors such as high or low outside temperatures and headwinds influence energy consumption. Additionally, the vehicle’s age, mileage, and driver behaviour affect its range. Currently, the EV Truck Route Planner includes digital twins of trucks and vans in Europe. In future we even want to go beyond that, also including other parts of the world, other types of vehicles and other alternative drivetrain technologies contributing to a more sustainable world Hubschneider explains, “Fleet managers can simulate different scenarios to understand how a vehicle behaves under various conditions. This enables them to make even better assessments of which vehicle is most suitable for their operations.” About PTV Logistics (PTV Logistics & Conundra) PTV Logistics is a global software company with 40+ years of experience in transport logistics. We offer solutions, covering everything from planning to execution. Our expertise lies in planning, calculating, and optimising routes to save time and costs. With record-breaking route planning and tour optimisation algorithms, we empower logistics companies to automate their operations. With our Cloud platform for real-time transport tracking and management, we offer comprehensive visibility and control of the delivery process. For more information, visit: PTV launches the first brand-independent route planner for electric trucks EV Truck Route Planner revolutionises the planning for logistics EV fleets