Truck and Track Autumn 2023

Truck and Track Autumn 2023 14 BUSINESS NEWS Workshop equipment experts Totalkare have introduced their expanded range of tyre changers for both Heavy Duty and Light Commercial Vehicles. This helps the established business to maintain their industry leading position and continue to provide everything that a commercial vehicle workshop might need for changing, repairing and inspecting tyres across the full breadth of commercial vehicles on the road. With a varied range of products across both the heavy duty and light commercial range, Totalkare showcase the specifications and limitations of each changer. They also offer expert advice and service to ensure that each workshop purchases the most appropriate equipment for their service offering. Bringing tyre changing in house can benefit workshops of all sizes, allowing both financial and time savings without the reliance of outsourcing. With specifications available to cover all types of tyre and wheel servicing facility, from entry level machines through to fully automatic setups, Totalkare pride themselves on offering the full range of products to allow support for all sizes of garages no matter what sort of commercial vehicles they might service. As workshops see the costs of maintenance and repair for dated machinery continue to rise, investment in the latest and safest equipment ensures they are able to provide continuous service. This increased business efficiency is key to ensure preparation for any job that might roll through the workshop doors, and Totalkare are continuing to monitor the marketplace and expand their offering to best support the hard workers in this core industry. Offering a selection of market leading tyre changers, Totalkare’s range includes uniquely designed 4 roller systems capable of dismounting and mounting a tyre in only 30 seconds, as well as super duty truck tyre changers where the operating dimensions of the clamping unit and head-tool carriage allows operation on a wide range of wheels. Whether the work requires lever type hydraulic distributors or pneumatically tilting columns for peak rigidity to prevent rim damage, they have the right product for the job. The product range comprises: NAV101 - This commercial tyre changer is capable of dismounting and mounting a tyre in only 30 seconds thanks to its unique design featuring adjustable arm positioning, a 4-roller system and bead breakers supported by two separately controlled arms. Karacter - This automatic leverless tyre changer is ideal for cars and light commercial tyres. It works for wheel diameters up to 46” and rim diameters from 10” - 24”, with max width 15”. NAV26HW - For workshop or roadside use, this mobile tyre changer uses hydraulic clamping and up/down movement with a standard roller for tube tyres. HP641 - This is a light commercial automatic tyre changer with double-acting bead breaker cylinder, designed to work on even low-profile and large-sized steel or alloy rims. HP643 - With an extra-wide, heavy-duty frame this light commercial tyre changer is designed for high output garages, working on any wheel up to a maximum width of 15”. NAV11 - This heavy duty truck tyre changer provides the ability to service a wide range of wheels, including super-single, thanks to the operating dimensions of the clamping unit and head-tool carriage. Totalkare will be demonstrating its NAV11 tyre changer at the Recovery Tow Show at Telford International Centre on 20-21 September 2023 alongside its market-leading mobile column lifts, vehicle pit, mobile and in-ground brake testers and more workshop equipment. Totalkare Launch Expanded Range of Tyre Changers HP643 Karacter NAV26HW HP641 NAV11 NAV101