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The Haulage & Logistics Buyers Magazine TruckandTrack 0844 833 0300 The fastest growing palletised freight network in the UK A first class service backed up by our market leading IT systems o Firstclass travel... ...isabout moving faster thanyourcompet The cheetah accelerates from 0 to 60m Fastest growingUKpalletis Focussed on service, quality Local servicewith a nationa The industriesmost advanc Widest range of pallet sizes Tofind outmore about what UPN First class travel for pall AUTUMN 2022 What’s your professional development plan? Engage with CILT(UK) to create, refresh and manage your career journey. CILT(UK) - Driving innovation, excellence and value-creation for individuals and organisations across logistics, transport and supply chain operations. Career progression – Networks – Professional standards – Professional recognition Autumn 2022 Truck and Track 3 FOREWORD by Barbara Ryan, Publishing Director, Truck and Track I’m writing this introduction just a few days after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She touched the hearts of many people across the globe and, throughout her reign, she personified grace, humility and kindness. She also exhibited a resolute determination to fulfil her calling with faithfulness and cheerfulness. I hope that all our readers will have had the opportunity to reflect on the Queen’s unfailing service and to remember her with great love and compassion. Within this latest issue of Truck and Track you will find many articles focusing on the importance of safety across different industries and environments. Understandably, vehicle safety is prominent, with contributions from Vision UK and WH Malcolm which has extended its use of CCTV camera technology to enhance the safety of its drivers and employees on-site. Elsewhere, we report on new data that shows vital improvements in lorry safety in London, a year on from the launch of TfL’s world-first Direct Vision Standard. Labeline, which is celebrating the opening of its Central European office and warehouse in the Netherlands, highlights the importance of consignors to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser. On the same theme, Cargo Training International draws attention to specialist training for shippers, agents, forwarders and airlines who handle and transport dangerous goods by air, sea and road. Alongside safety considerations, Descartes Systems Group outlines 14 ways to cut your company’s fuel costs while TruTac describes its latest app which, in addition to the core vehicle walkaround checking function, now includes much closer integration with the company’s other products. The new app offers a wealth of additional features and functions available to operators and drivers alike. The importance of ports and rail freight are also featured in this issue with news of Welsh slate being transported to Luton whilst, staying in Wales, we report on Associated British Ports appointing a lead for the prestigious Port Talbot Transformation Programme. Barbara Ryan CONTENTS Page 4 BUSINESS NEWS 17 DESCARTES 22 TACHOGRAPH ANALYSIS 26 CILT(UK) 30 PALLET NETWORKS 34 TRAILERS 43 FUEL MANAGEMENT 48 WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT 55 SAFETY & SECURITY 60 DANGEROUS GOODS 68 INTERMODAL TRANSPORT SOFTWARE 70 LOGISTICS UK NEWS 72 TRANSPORT FOR LONDON 74 TRAINING 75 PORTS 82 RAILFREIGHT Truck and Track The Haulage & Logistics Buyers Magazine Truck and Tra k The Haulage & Logistics Buyers Magazine To advertise, contact Barbara Ryan, Publishing Director, Truck & Track Multi Media Limited, via email Designed and published by Truck & Track Multi Media Limited Creative Director: Marc Pittaway Printers: Acorn Press Swindon Limited DISCLAIMER Everycarehasbeentakenduringtheproductionofthismagazinewithcompilingadvertisements, editorialandadvertorial.However,Truck&TrackMultiMediaLimitedcannotacceptresponsibility for material supplied by third parties and excludes all liability either relating to any products and services promoted in this publication or arising from any error, omission or inaccuracy. Nor is Truck & Track Multi Media Limited responsible for the content of external websites. Finally, the views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of its Publishers. Copyright © Truck & Track Multi Media Limited. All rights reserved. TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 4 BUSINESS NEWS IAG Cargo, the cargo division of International Airlines Group (IAG), has begun to trial the first electric terminal tractor, known as a Terberg YT203EV, at London Heathrow airport. This is the first electric Terberg operating airside worldwide. By replacing an existing terminal tractor with an electric Terberg, approximately 30 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per vehicle per year – this is the equivalent of planting over 1,250 trees or taking over seven cars off the road. Terberg has been creating electric vehicles since 2014 with the team constantly revising the designs. The latest vehicles can deliver the same capability as the current diesel units in a more environmentally sustainable way, allowing drivers to carry out their work pattern whilst avoiding diesel engine emissions. In addition to its electric solution, Terberg are also exploring the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, having placed a unit in to test on an off-airfield application. This additional environmentally friendly solution will afford Terberg customers such as IAG Cargo further options to achieve their environmental goals. IAG Cargo are trialling the electric Terberg YT203EV for 12 months, with the ambition to transition its current diesel fleet to more sustainable alternatives, including electric. In the coming years the trial will help IAG Cargo and its partners understand the challenges the business may face when adopting an electric airside fleet, how future electric vehicles could be charged and what additional infrastructure will be needed to support a fleet of electric terminal tractors. David Rose, Chief Transformation Officer at IAG Cargo commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Terberg to trial the first electric Terberg at London Heathrow - this is an exciting advancement for IAG Cargo as we strive to lead on sustainability and be fit for future. We are continuously looking at ways that reduce our impact on the environment whilst improving our customer offering. This trial is part of a wider effort supporting our commitment to making IAG Cargo, and the wider industry, more sustainable.” Alisdair Couper, Manager Director at Terberg added: “This is another step towards reducing air cargo’s impact on the environment and so we’re thrilled to work with IAG Cargo to see the first electric Terberg already in action at London Heathrow airport.” IAG Cargo trials first electric terminal tractor at London Heathrow Airport ■ The all-electric Ford E-Transit has received a Gold Award from independent vehicle safety authority Euro NCAP for its advanced driver assistance systems. ■ E-Transit joins diesel-powered Transit as the only vehicles in the 2-tonne segment with a Euro NCAP Gold Award; 1-tonne Transit Custom also has Gold Award status. ■ Comprehensive suite of technologies can help minimise driver workload during long hours in the cab and contribute to lower downtime, repair and insurance costs. The all-electric Ford E-Transit’s comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems has earned the commercial vehicle a Gold Award from independent vehicle safety authority Euro NCAP. The award follows analysis of technologies including autonomous emergency braking when approaching vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as lane keeping technology, traffic sign recognition and occupant monitoring systems. E-Transit’s Gold Award means Ford now offers the only two vehicles in the 2-tonne segment with Euro NCAP’s Gold Award for driver assistance, after the E-Transit’s diesel-powered sister Transit models were first commended in December 2020. “Euro NCAP is a byword for vehicle safety, and the organisation extending its Gold Award to E Transit is testament to Ford’s commitment to customer safety across its commercial vehicle range,” said Stuart Southgate, director, Safety Engineering, Ford of Europe. “E Transit’s advanced driver assistance systems help look after drivers and other road users, and support operators looking to maximise uptime while limiting insurance and accident repair costs.” E-Transit offers driver assistance technologies including Pre Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Information System with Lane Change Warning & Aid, Junction Assist, a 360° camera and Reverse Brake Assist. Euro NCAP’s simulations tested driver warning and active safety technology actions when approaching parked vehicles or slower traffic, as well as when a vehicle in front brakes sharply. Testing also included responses to a child running into the road, and cyclists and pedestrians walking in or crossing the road – potentially likely scenarios in the urban environments where Ford anticipates the majority of E-Transits will be operated. E-Transit’s Gold Award extends Ford’s leadership in van safety technology. Transit Custom is also a Gold Award winner, making Ford the only manufacturer with Gold-rated vans in the 1 tonne, 2-tonne and EV segments. The company is already piloting E-Transits in typical daily operation with selected customers across Europe. All-Electric Ford E-Transit collects Gold Award from Euro NCAP for its advanced driver assistance systems TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP Autumn 2022 Truck and Track 5 BUSINESS NEWS Stertil Combilok ensures safety for global drinks supplier Following a recommendation from its systems integrator, one of the world’s leading drinks businesses specified the Combilok vehicle restraint system to improve safety and speed up operations within a loading bay at its distribution centre in Scotland. Supplied and installed by Stertil Dock Products, the Combilok was installed within a loading bay supporting the handling of kegs into and out of the company’s production and distribution facilities. All vehicle loading and unloading operations are undertaken by a fleet of fork trucks fitted with special keg handling clamps. During these operations, the Combilok eliminates the possibility of vehicle movement including ‘creep’ and careless ‘drive offs’ thereby preventing accidents and ensuring total safety Communication between drivers and distribution personnel in loading bays can be poor. The Combilok was developed exclusively to reduce the risk of unintentional vehicle movement on loading bays and offers a ‘safety net’ against poor communication by holding vehicles in one place until loading or unloading is completed. Not only does this improve safety, it also eliminates damage to expensive goods and equipment and helps guard against theft. During operation, the Combilok is fully interlocked: the loading bay door cannot be opened until the Combilok is in position and the Combilok cannot be released until the door is closed again and it is safe to drive away. Totally automatic in operation, the Combilok also overcomes any language difficulties that may arise with drivers delivering from all over the world. Providing unrivalled efficiency and reliability, the Combilok helps companies to fulfil their health and safety obligations in loading bays. The system accommodates most types of commercial vehicles including those with ‘tail lifts’ and its ease of assembly on smooth surfaces like stelcon plates means that it’s ideal for both new and existing sites. Stertil Dock Products has also designed the Combilok system with a minimal number of moving parts thus making it safe, simple and inexpensive both to install and maintain. Typically, the Scottish goods in/goods out warehouse operates throughout 16 hours a day, five days a week, supported by the Stertil Combilok. “Our Combilok vehicle restraint system has been relied upon in busy loading bays throughout the world for over 25 years,” says Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Dock Products. “In fact, such has been the success of the original model that we have recently introduced our latest generation, fullypatented Combilok G2 version which will ensure our continued dominance of the global loading bay equipment market by setting new standards of performance, reliability and safety.” Link to video of the new Combilok G2:

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 6 BUSINESS NEWS Government and the logistics sector has launched an exciting new campaign – Generation Logistics – which aims to tackle the industry’s long term recruitment issues and future-proof the industry’s talent pipeline. Sponsored by the Department for Transport alongside companies from all sides of the industry, Generation Logistics will raise awareness of an industry often overlooked by those seeking employment and challenge their pre-conceptions about what working in logistics can offer. “Our research has revealed that 90% of the population has never considered working in our industry,” says Phil Roe, President of Logistics UK which has been leading the development of the campaign, “yet it employs over 2.6 million people. At a time when recruitment of new staff has never been more difficult, this campaign will lift the lid on the opportunities which logistics has on offer and encourage workers of all ages to investigate the careers which our businesses can provide.” Starting with a focus on young adults aged 16 - 24 years, the campaign will then target other potential employee groups, including career switchers and maternity- or paternity-leave returners. Generation Logistics centres on a new platform designed to highlight the many benefits of working in the industry and outline how logistics roles can, and do, meet the highest priorities of the next generation of workers. This site will offer an online hub full of resources, learning materials and job openings, alongside partnerships with leading industry bodies, trade associations and vital core businesses across all freight modes including Amazon, DHL, Stobart and Tesco PLC. Phil Roe, President at Logistics UK, commented: “The pandemic shone a light on the logistics industry, underlining the importance of our staff as key workers and the critical role our sector plays in everyday life. With that in mind, it’s crucial we do all we can to engage with the next generation right now to encourage them to bring their talents to our industry. We are hoping to puncture some of the myths around the sector, and provide a clear, practical pathway for those who want to explore whether a career in logistics could be for them - from truck drivers through to data scientists, robotics engineers and everything in-between.” Transport Minister Karl McCartney said: “The last few years have shown how crucial our logistics sector is to both the economy and our daily lives. That’s why we put 33 measures in Welsh slate aggregate is being transported to Luton via rail freight for the first time ever, thanks to a joint initiative between Network Rail, construction materials company Breedon, and the Welsh Government. The Llandudno Junction freight yard, which hadn’t been used for several years, was brought back to life following extensive work at the site. Vegetation removal, track repairs and refurbishment of the points – which allow trains to swap between tracks – have enabled trains to enter and leave the yard. The first freight train to leave Llandudno Junction freight yard departed in July, carrying 22 wagons filled with slate aggregate from local quarries for the journey to Luton in south-east England. Each freight train removes approximately 76 lorries from the roads, reducing carbon emissions and congestions while making the air we breathe cleaner. The Welsh Government has provided match funding to Breedon Group for the enhancements at Llandudno Junction freight sidings via the Freight Facilities Grant scheme. The scheme is available to encourage modal shift where there are environmental benefits from removing HGVs from roads across Wales – up to 250,000 tonnes of slate waste aggregates is expected to be moved by rail each year from the site Jess Lippett, senior regional freight manager at Network Rail said: “Rail freight is a vital part of our infrastructure, providing a fast, green, safe and efficient way of transporting goods. “We’ve worked closely with our partners at Breedon and in Welsh Government to get Llandudno Junction open for business, ensuring that we can carry slate aggregates by rail and therefore reducing the number of lorries on the road and cutting carbon emissions. “The recent slate loading represents the second revenueearning freight flow to commence on the North Wales coastline in recent months - showing how we can work together to have a positive impact on the environment and the economy.” Andy Roberts, General Manager at Breedon’s Welsh Slate Business said “Breedon are delighted to have worked withWelsh Government to develop a high quality freight facility in North Wales. This will allow slate aggregate to be delivered across the UK in a sustainable manner and remove truck movements from the A55.” John Smith, chief executive officer at GB Railfreight said: “We’re delighted to be transporting Welsh slate from Llandudno. “It is encouraging to see the Government and the private sector come together to enable a service that will transport key construction materials, create employment opportunities and drive local growth. “This new service will demonstrate the commercial, environmental and safety benefits of transporting goods by rail freight.” Welsh slate on the move as a second revenuegenerating freight route opens up in North Wales Groundbreaking campaign reveals recruitment opportunity for logistics sector TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP Autumn 2022 Truck and Track 7 BUSINESS NEWS Knowles Transport places order for a further 50 trailers Knowles Transport has placed an order for a further 50 trailers, all of which are set to promote its route to net zero. The new trailers have been purchased to supplement the continued growth Knowles has experienced over the past 18 months – largely driven by the increased demand for their services within the UK. Manufactured by leading trailer manufacturer Lawrence David, the trailers will advertise Knowles’ commitment to providing Net Zero warehousing for customers and a target for achieving Net Zero for transport operations by 2045 on the back doors. With the sale of new petrol and diesel commercial vehicles set to be prohibited by law from 2040, Knowles has taken the proactive step to fast-track their Net Zero target as part of its sustainability roadmap. The total investment in the new trailers this year, which are a mix of replacements for existing trailers as well as new additions to supplement Knowles’ growing fleet – totalled £1.5m. Built to a premium component specification, the Lawrence David pillarless curtainsiders feature a rear roof air diffuser, flush rear doors for functionality and aesthetics, full LED lighting, a premium load securing system, and provide maximum body access for operational efficiencies whilst maintaining optimum overall height. Over the past 40 years, Knowles and Lawrence David have enjoyed a relationship that has spanned over three generations of the Knowles – who each have worked with three levels of Lawrence David personnel to continue their long-lasting partnership. Alex Knowles, Managing Director at Knowles Transport commented: “With all new road vehicles set to be zero-emission within the next two decades, and the UK setting a Net Zero target by 2050, fleet operators need to proactively look at how they are going to meet such targets. “We have already introduced a number of measures such as use of solar energy, electric manual handling and green energy procurement together with a number of other initiatives in the pipeline such as increased use of alternative fuels and waste reduction. Understandably there is a greater onus on our industry to act with regards to increasing sustainability and we intend to continue to drive this. “The purchase of 50 new trailers acts as an excellent springboard to announce our zero-emission pledge and acts as the first step to our journey to achieving Net Zero status. We have invested heavily in achieving Net Zero across a number of our warehouse operations and will look to continue to invest in this area across the board in lines with our targets” “The investment also acts as yet another example of the company responding to increased demand and catering to the needs of our customers. With demand for our services everincreasing the requirement to not only support our ongoing fleet replacement programme but to cater for growth is vital to futureproofing the business. We are grateful for Lawrence David supporting us yet again and are delighted with the quality of build and service offering that they have provided.” Ben McEvoy, Commercial Director at Lawrence David adds: “We are delighted to continue our long-standing association and partnership with Knowles. The ever-developing industry legislation(s) offer great opportunities to further develop ourselves in conjunction with our key customers. “To be part of Knowles’ journey in achieving Net Zero is exciting, we look forward to continuing this together. “Thanks once again to Alex and all the team at Knowles for choosing Lawrence David to be the ‘Strength Behind Their Haulage’.” place to help tackle the effects of a global driver shortage. Since then, the sector has started to recover, and industry bodies are reporting positively on the number of HGV drivers stabilising. “The Generation Logistics campaign, backed by Government funding, will support the sector to grow from strength to strength, helping to recruit and retain a skilled workforce and shift perceptions of the industry. I’d encourage people from all walks of life to seriously consider kickstarting a rewarding and exciting career in logistics right now, with a wide range of opportunities on offer.” Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager of Generation Logistics, added: “Filling roles in logistics is a challenge, as many people do not knowwe exist, or appreciate the breadth of jobs available. Through Generation Logistics, we will raise awareness of the many opportunities on offer and highlight the accessibility of those opportunities across all ages, locations and educational backgrounds. The logistics sector keeps Great Britain moving and there truly is a career within it for everyone – we’re looking forward to sharing them over the next 12 months!” For more information about the campaign, please visit: Those interested in becoming a Generation Logistics sponsor, please visit TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 8 BUSINESS NEWS New Functions for Increased Safety and Peace of Mind VBG Truck Equipment is committed to developing smart functions to make the workday simpler for drivers. Following close on the heels of the launch of the new generation of VBG couplings, VBG Driver Assist is now coming to the market. VBG is now taking the next big leap in innovation and launching VBG Driver Assist. A completely new system that relies on radar technology and communicates to the driver in the cab. The new software contributes to greater safety for the driver, saves time during coupling, and reduces the risk of unnecessary repair costs. The new generation of VBG couplings is amajor leap in innovation in the industrial segment in which VBG operates. The combination of refined mechanics and new digital technology further increases safety and reliability, while also opening doors for future functions that are now starting to be rolled out. VBG Driver Assist is a brand-new concept for VBG and the industry as a whole. The system is based on radar technology through which the truck senses the position of the drawbar and then warns the driver when there is a risk of jackknifing as well as guides the driver during coupling. This increases safety for the driver, saves time during coupling, and reduces the risk of unnecessary repair costs. Field trials have been underway for more than two years, and the system is now fine-tuned and ready for customers. VBG aims to make everyday life in the road transport industry safer and simpler. To accomplish this, a completely new CAN bus-based electrical infrastructure has been developed which, together with digital sensors, will facilitate functional growth in the future. This provides considerable development potential moving forward, and the first step towards digitised functions, which will make the workday simpler and safer for drivers, is now ready for launch through VBG Driver Assist. Hydrogen is not currently a realistic zero emissions alternative to electric vans and fleets waiting to see if the situation changes are probably set for disappointment, believes the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP). Paul Hollick, chair, said that the AFT is aware of a sizeable minority of fleet managers, mainly with extensive light commercial vehicle operations, who are waiting to see whether hydrogen would become viable in the short-medium term. He said: “We’ve discussed this topic at some length at every level of the AFP and our conclusions are clear. Electric is effectively the only option when it comes to the future of zero emissions vans in the UK for at least the next decade. Hydrogen is simply not happening in any meaningful way and there is no real sign of that situation changing. In Germany, there is significant state support for the expansion of hydrogen but government commitment here is low. It is clear that as far as the vast majority of road transport is concerned, our politicians see electric as the future. Fleets waiting for hydrogen to emerge as a realistic alternative are almost certainty set for disappointment.” Paul explained that operators hoping for a hydrogen solution to occur were quite often those who also had significant reservations about the viability of electric for their van operations. “It is becoming clear to a significant proportion of operators that electric vans will not always be able to replace existing petrol or diesel models on a like-for-like basis because of compromises over range, charging times and payload. That means that they’ll often have to change their operational model and cause a degree of disruption to their business. “Hydrogen appears to provide a solution to this situation because of the promise of ease of refuelling. However, there are only around than a dozen hydrogen filling stations in the whole country and literally no programme for widespread expansion. Rapid filling-up of a vehicle is meaningless when the nearest pump is 100 miles or more away. Paul added that accepting your van fleet would become electrified over the next decade was an important step when it came to identifying solutions that would work for you. “It is no exaggeration to say that the number one task currently facing light commercial vehicle fleets is to resolve the infrastructure and operational issues that will maximise electric van effectiveness as the transition away from ICE happens over the next few years. “There are no easy answers to some of the questions created by this situation but fleet managers and organisations such as the AFP are working to find new ways of maximising the effectiveness of EVs – and making substantial progress almost month-by-month.” Hydrogen is not realistic zero emissions alternative to electric vans for fleets, says AFP Paul Hollick

Less fuel & emissions, further on tyres Established over 35 years ago in 1978, Lasalign has strong claims to have been the first ever dedicated mobile wheel alignment company. Its mission has always been to provide a mobile service utilising sophisticated, laser-assisted, measuring systems for the commercial vehicle axle market. This technology replaced the previous, error-prone method of stretching a line or tape measure from the trailer kingpin to the axle ends or periscope / trammel gauges for steering axles. Misalignment is frequently caused when trailer wheels strike or ride over kerbstones. Government-funded tests at the Road Research Laboratory proved that a single degree of misalignment of one axle in a tandem configuration will consume as much as 3% extra fuel from the tractor’s tank. 2% of misalignment equates to 8% additional fuel. This test was conducted in 1980. Obviously fuel and tyre prices have risen to record levels since then, but the percentage values remain the same. The ratio within a typical fleet of articulated vehicles is one tractor unit to two trailers. The tractor uses the fuel, whereas the trailer carries the load. If some offending trailers exist among your fleet with axle misalignment, then the tractive unit’s fuel consumption will vary greatly, depending on whether it is pulling a true or misaligned trailer. All sorts of causes are considered except the forgotten animal, the trailer. For this reason you should insist on alignment checks at least annually. Lasalign prides itself on being able to set the wheel alignment for a tractor unit or rigid to suit its application. Accordingly, a long-haul vehicle will benefit from a setting at one end of the manufacturer’s tolerance, whilst a multi-drop vehicle of a similar type will be at the other end, in order to prolong the tyre life. Once a tyre has worn unevenly, it is difficult to correct. Therefore resetting the wheel alignment from new – and monitoring tyres and tyre pressures on a regular basis – will pay huge dividends in the battle to control fuel and tyre costs and CO2 emissions. On the BPW axle the kingpin is a shrink fit into the axle beam, and it was proven that the use of controlled induction heating to the axle beam in the area of the kingpin produced rapid local expansion which would enable removal and installation of the pin itself. This whole process is carried out with the axle removed from the vehicle to facilitate access for the correct press tools. Previous methods of heating the axle beam, such as propane, were not particularly successful owing to the fact that, by the time the axle beam was at the correct temperature, heat had transferred through to the kingpin, negating the heat differential effect. Over the years Lasalign has seen the disastrous results of trying to remove kingpins with either too much or too little heat. In addition most hydraulic presses have only a short stroke on the ram, making extraction and installation slow, adding to the build-up of heat through to the kingpin. The induction heater Lasalign uses concentrates the heat instantly to a small, precise area on the axle beam, with very little heat transfer to the kingpin. Coupled with this, Lasalign has invested in a purpose-designed hydraulic press that will extract or install the kingpin or bushes in one stroke. Over the years the company has accumulated comprehensive tooling to exacting standards to cater for most makes of trailer steer axles. With correct wheel alignment you will lower your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, increase your tyre life and put safer and more stable trucks and trailers on the road! For further details, call Lasalign on 01788 860 594, email or go to Lasalign Ltd, Shawell Depot, Watling Street (A5), Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 6AR. KINGPIN REPLACEMENT

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 10 BUSINESS NEWS WH Malcolm levels up vehicle safety through CCTV vehicle camera technology WH Malcolm, part of the Malcolm Group, the UK’s leading providers of logistics, construction and maintenance services in the UK, has extended its use of vehicle CCTV camera technology in a bid to enhance the safety of its drivers and employees on-site. The Group, which began its journey 100 years ago with just a single horse and cart, has grown from strength to strength since its early beginnings in the 1920s. With three core divisions, the company nowhas 2000 employees working across 16 sites throughout the UK and operates over 500 vehicles and 1200 trailers. In order to enhance the safety of both their drivers, on-site staff and vulnerable road users, Malcolm Group has continued supplementing its 500 strong fleet with a variety of different multi-channel camera systems – offering total 360° coverage around their vehicles to provide ultimate visibility. Their vehicles, comprising artics, tippers, bespoke plant vehicles, tankers and rigids, have been fitted with three, five and eight-channel camera systems. Malcolm Group began the fitting process in 2017, where it initially used another vehicle CCTV and telematics provider but made the switch to leading vehicle CCTV and telematics provider Centrad after being impressed with the company’s competitive price position, its wealth of knowledge within the marketplace and its bespoke customer-centric offering. Robert Snodgrass, who works within the Business Support department at Malcolm Group commented: “The adoption of CCTV vehicle camera technology has been scaled significantly over the past five years. “The industry is changing rapidly. With a greater onus on fleet operators to enhance their duty of care not only for their staff but also to general road users, the introduction of vehicle CCTV over the past five years was a vital component in helping to facilitate this change. “Previously, we were reliant on dash cams to capture incidents, however, such products were not equipped to provide the coverage that we required in order to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Such products simply offered a reactive element by providing recorded footage of the incident in question. “There is also an increased urgency for operators to fit camera systems on their vehicles to protect the reputation of their business. With fraudulent claims especially rife, it’s vital that operators have the appropriate camera technology in place to solve issues quickly as and when they may arise. “Furthermore, the cameras have ensured that 23 of our vehicles are DVS compliant, which is of course imperative to access the Greater London area. The introduction of vehicle CCTV technology has played a part in helping us attain a FORS Bronze standard. “Since installing the cameras onto our fleet we have witnessed a stark reduction in fraudulent claims as well as incidents. In turn, we have also seen a positive improvement in the behaviour of our drivers both on-site and whilst out on the road.” Robert continued: “Centrad have played an integral part in helping us attain this achievement. Not only were their stateof-the-art products exactly what we were looking for but their personal service offering made the switch entirely seamless. “Their operation from top to bottom is just completely in-sync. From their directors through to their installation team, their service offering is first class, as if an issue arises you’re catered for immediately. “Their experience in the marketplace is also second to none. Also the fact that their Managing Director, Geoff Cross, is a former fleet operator means the company has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced on a day to day basis.” TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP

COMMERCIAL BODY FITTINGS Head Office 01707 371161 Midlands Division 0121 520 0100 ZEN22 Toolboxes are manufactured by Daken, Italy. They are ideally suited for heavy duty use, manufactured from 1.5mm 304G stainless steel and are supplied with up to 2 locking handles, subject to width. This range is available in 7 length/width choices, ranging from 400mm to 1450mm. All ZEN toolboxes are suitable to be incorporated into a vehicles side-guard system in accordance with UNECE Regulation 73. JBZ boxes are manufactured by Jonesco, a UK based company with over 50 years of manufacturing experience, this rotation moulded, medium-density polyethylene range is suitable for light to heavy duty use and are supplied with up to 2 locking handles, subject to width, available in 13 sizes, consisting of 11 length / width choices, with the 620 & 800mm units also available in reduced depths, great where under-chassis space is an issue. All JBZ series toolboxes are suitable to be incorporated into a vehicles side-guard system in accordance with UNECE Regulation 73 JUST boxes are manufactured by Daken, Italy and are ideally suited for light to medium duty use, manufactured from 3mm injection moulded polypropylene and are supplied with up to 2 locking handles, subject to width. This cost effective range is available in 8 sizes, consisting of 5 length / width choices, with the 500, 750 & 900mm units also available in reduced depths, great where under-chassis space is an issue. All JUST series toolboxes are suitable to be incorporated into a vehicles side-guard system in accordance with UNECE Regulation 73. ZEN30 Toolboxes are manufactured by Daken, Italy. They are ideally suited for heavy duty use, manufactured from 1.5mm black powder coated steel and are supplied with up to 2 locking handles, subject to width. This range is available in 7 length/width choices, ranging from 400mm to 1450mm. All ZEN toolboxes are suitable to be incorporated into a vehicles side-guard system in accordance with UNECE Regulation 73. ZEN22 Range Stainless Steel JBZ Range Plastic JUST Range Plastic ZEN30 Range Black Powder Coated Steel CHECK OUT OUR FULL RANGE COMMERCIAL BODY FITTINGS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Find a wide selection of toolboxes from CBF

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 12 BUSINESS NEWS Reed Boardall celebrates three-year partnership with Yorkshire Air Ambulance Boroughbridge-based Reed Boardall, one of the leading providers of cold storage and distribution services to food producers and retailers across the UK, is celebrating a three year partnership with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. As part of the agreement which began in autumn 2020, Reed Boardall will wave the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) flag by displaying Yorkshire Air Ambulance visuals on its fleet of refrigerated semi-trailers, helping spread the word about the rapid response charity across Yorkshire and beyond. In return, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance will feature Reed Boardall’s logo on both of its aircrafts. Katie Collinson, corporate and partnerships manager for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Reed Boardall on board and we are very appreciative of their commitment to our charity. “The support they have provided will help greatly towards the vital funding of our service. It costs £12,000 a day to keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances maintained and in the air, and the more people who see the Reed Boardall visuals and donate to our charity, the more lives across Yorkshire we will be able to save.” Marcus Boardall, chief executive of Reed Boardall, said: “As a Yorkshire-based family business, we’re proud to support this fantastic charity which does such a vital job for the region. “With our fleet covering huge distances throughout the UK, we hope they will play a part in raising awareness and encouraging other businesses and individuals to lend their support to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.” The YAA serves five million people across Yorkshire and carries out over 1,500 missions every year relying on two state-of-theart Airbus H145 helicopters. Reed Boardall is one of the largest temperature-controlled food distribution businesses in the UK, storing and delivering frozen food from manufacturers across Britain, Europe and further afield to all the UK’s best-known supermarkets. With a fleet of over 200 vehicles operating 24 hours a day, year round, it delivers 12,000 pallets of frozen food daily for its clients as well as providing a range of complementary services including ancillary blast freezing, picking and packing. The company employs almost 800 staff at its single site in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire. (Front row) Pilot Lee Holmes (left) of Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Marcus Boardall (right) of Reed Boardall; (back row) HEMS Paramedics Gemma Richmond and Becky Knight and Dr Rob Anderson of Yorkshire Air Ambulance TRUCK & TRAILER SOLUTIONS WELCOME TO ALLPORTS GROUP Autumn 2022 Truck and Track 13 BUSINESS NEWS Using around 2000L of per month? UK’s leading independent producer of All AdBlue production certified to ISO22241 Nationwide delivery using in-house logistics Installation, repairs and maintenance included GSM telemetry as standard for reorder management is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie eV (VDA) is a licensed trademark of Tennants Distribution in the UK and Ireland Contact us for details 0161 205 4454 www. Upgrade to a Bulk Tank and get your first 1000L FREE Schmitz Cargobull and TIP Trailer Services have concluded an agreement that, with immediate effect, Schmitz Cargobull trailers can automatically transfer trailer data from the standardized TrailerConnect® hardware to the TIP Insight system. This enables transport companies that use telematics systems from trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull and services from equipment service provider TIP Trailer Services to decide freely in which system the data should be displayed. This uncomplicated and convenient solution is made possible by a cooperation between Cargobull Telematics and TIP Insight: the standardized interface of TrailerConnect® was integrated into the TIP Insight system. “For transport companies, the topics of data standardization, interoperability and consolidation, and thus open interfaces, are key expectations in order to realize digitalization,” Marnix Lannoije, Managing Director of Schmitz Cargobull Telematics and Theo de Vries, Commercial Vice President Maintenance and Repair and TIP Insight, explain in a joint statement. “The use of the standardized TrailerConnect® hardware in the Schmitz Cargobull Trailer is the most sustainable and economically sensible decision to respond to the increasing demand for digitalization. The TrailerConnect® hardware enables continuous analysis of real-time trailer data and forms the basis for networked services, significantly increasing sustainability and competitiveness. Smooth data provision requires both standardization of data and interoperability of systems as elementary building blocks. Our customers speak with one voice on this issue: they want to access all vehicle data as quickly, easily and transparently as possible in order to manage their fleets and operations even more efficiently. We are now ensuring this with the compatibility of TIP Insight and Cargobull Telematics. Every customer can call up all the data they need in their preferred telematics portal. An important milestone in making digitalization a reality for many transport companies.” Schmitz Cargobull and TIP Trailer Services set digital milestone for frictionless digital data provision Marnix Lannoije, Managing Director, Schmitz Cargobull Telematics (left) and Theo de Vries, Commercial Vice President Maintenance and Repair and TIP Insight

Truck and Track Autumn 2022 14 BUSINESS NEWS Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK’s leading ports group, is celebrating the renewal of its long-term contract with the sustainable TimberLINK service at its Ports of Ayr and Troon. Operated by ABP on behalf of Scottish Forestry since 2000, the timber service plays a vital role in supporting port-centric manufacturing in the area, by reducing logistical supply chain costs for local businesses and strengthening Ayrshire’s timber industry cluster. The service also utilises sustainable marine transport and coastal shipping to reduce logistical supply chain costs. Environment Minister, Mairi McAllan, welcomed the new contract and said: “Scotland’s forestry sector is a success story, providing a great range of benefits. It generates over £1 billion to Scotland’s economy every year and supports around 25,000 jobs. “We want to help grow this prosperity ensuring that we have a sustainable timber transport resource to help achieve this. “Where practical, I am keen to see a modal shift to coastal shippingandaway fromusing rural roads, helping todecarbonise the forestry sector and contributing towards Scotland reaching Net Zero. I’m also pleased that this project substantially reduces the number of timber lorries having to use the A83, which is a key route used by rural communities.” As part of the service, over 100,000 tonnes of timber and forest products are transported from the ports at Ardrishaig, Cambeltown and Sandbank, to the Ports of Ayr and Troon, where they are dispatched to local wood processing plants. This saves an estimated one million lorry miles per year, relieving road network congestion on the West Coast of Scotland, which helps reduce carbon emissions and supports the local tourism industry. Alex Murray, Head of Forestry for Glennon Brothers in Scotland, said: “We are absolutely delighted that the TimberLINK coastal shipping service has been renewed and will remain under the excellent stewardship of ABP. The service plays a vital role in meeting our raw material requirements and is a key component of our evolving decarbonisation strategy for our Troon sawmill. “We have hugely ambitious plans for our Troon site, and the ongoing success to the TimberLINK service is an integral part of our investment and development strategy for the site.” Stuart Cresswell, ABP’s port manager of Ayr and Troon, said: “The TimberLINK operation out of the Ports of Ayr and Troon is a real success story and I am delighted that this forwardthinking service will continue. The sea route not only reduces lorry traffic on rural roads but also uses less fuel and produces fewer greenhouse gases. “This project has created many growth opportunities for local businesses, both in Argyll and Ayrshire, and I feel confident that they will only strengthen and multiply with this continued operation.” Together with their customers, ABP’s Ports of Ayr and Troon contribute £28 million to the regional economy every year. Andrew Harston, ABP Wales and Short Sea Ports Regional Director, said: “It is fantastic news that our ports have once again been selected to support the TimberLINK service through a competitive tender process. We look forward to continuing to provide this essential and sustainable maritime transport service, which we have supported since 2000.” TimberLINK project strengthens Ayrshire timber industry cluster TimberLINK at ABP’s Port of Troon Autumn 2022 Truck and Track 15 BUSINESS NEWS Jonathon Backhouse, director of specialist transport and logistics lawyers Backhouse Jones, has urged UK fleet operators to ensure they have protocols in place to mitigate the risk of bridge strikes. With over 1900 bridge strikes annually in the UK, the cost in train delays and repairs as a result of incidents totals £23m or £13,000 on average per strike. However, Geoff Cross, Managing Director of vehicle CCTV and telematics specialists Centrad believes fleet operators could go one step further. He says, “The need to educate drivers on company protocols, using the correct applications and offering appropriate training, is of course paramount in driving down bridge strike incidents. “The vast majority of bridge strikes from HGVs result from human error. These could range from a miscalculation of the dimensions of the bridge, taking a shortcut or simply being distracted. “However, I believe fleet operators could mitigate the potential for bridge strikes even further – primarily through implementing cutting edge AI camera technology into their vehicles. “Such products provide proactive real time alerts to fleet managers of any high-risk driving behaviour including mobile phone usage, distraction, smoking and driver fatigue. Equally, such systems also use telematics to warn drivers when low bridges are ahead. “Fleet operators could install a relatively simple LED system, positioned on a vehicle’s dashboard, and their drivers would not only receive instant feedback regarding their overall driving behaviour, but the systemwill also use GPS vehicle location data and mapping to sound an in-cab alert if the vehicle approaches a low bridge. “The key advantage for both fleet operators and drivers of using such a product is if for any reason a low bridge is not included in the database, or the GPS signal drops, the technology will accurately read the upcoming low height warning sign and will measure the dimensions of the bridge. “The importance of having protocols in place should not be underestimated. Implementing cutting edge AI camera technology alongside such procedures will ultimately reduce incidents, avoid penalties and, crucially, save lives.” Centrad welcomes Backhouse Jones’ advice but believes fleet operators could go a step further to avoid bridge strikes TruckEast Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Harley Coulson as its new Managing Director and Dealer Principal. He will succeed John Biggin who takes on the role of Executive Chairman. Harley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of both the industry and TruckEast. He began his career within the Scania UK network as a full-time apprentice at TruckEast’s now Kings Lynn site, before being appointed Depot Manager, a post he held for more than six years. In 2006, Harley became Regional Manager and progressed his way up to Sales Director by 2014. Harley said: “After being a part of the team at TruckEast for 16 years, it’s an honour to be appointed Managing Director and Dealer Principal. Together with my team, I’m focused on further driving the success of the business.” Taking on the Sales Director role will be Carl Johnson, who joins TruckEast at the same time as Harley and John started their new positions. Carl has many years of experience working within the transport industry. He joins the business after 11 years with Scania GB, where he started off as an Escalation Technician before becoming Sales Manager. He progressed to become National Account Manager where he built solid relationships with customers and dealers, including TruckEast. Carl’s most recent role was Area Services Manager. Commenting on his new position at TruckEast, Carl said: “I am looking forward to working for a family business that commits itself to providing exceptional service for customers as well as really meaningful work for employees. The people at TruckEast have already made me feel welcome and I feel privileged to be a part of and lead such a focused team.” John Biggin, current Managing Director, said: “Harley’s extensive leadership skills and business acumen are two significant assets that will help to continue to drive the business forward. I would like to thank him for his continuous commitment and achievements and wish him the utmost success in his new role as Managing Director of TruckEast.” John also added: “With a solid Scania background and excellent customer relations, Carl will be a great addition to our company, and we too wish him the very best of luck with everything.” Harley Coulson is appointed Managing Director and Dealer Principal of TruckEast Harley Coulson Jonathon Backhouse Geoff Cross Managing Director Centrad Ltd